British Women & Mesh


On the 20th July 2017, British women gathered in London speak out against the use of mesh implants. A few days after these women gathered, I called my eldest sister in England for a chat. She still lives in the … Read More

All About Tort Lawsuits


Before I share the things, I learned about these lawsuits, I want to share another woman’s story who left a comment on this blog a couple of days ago. I am sharing this, because when women tell their stories, it … Read More

Harmless Hormone or Dangerous


Do you feel you are living in a world of fearful medicine? If you answered “Yes”, you are not alone. When I was a girl, life and parenting, was vastly different than it is now. I used to think my … Read More

Complaints about Lawsuits


My post today was something very important for women, but then I received some screen shots, that truly pissed me off. So, a change in plans, because I have had enough of public whining and complaining about lawsuits settlements on … Read More

Inflammation & Heart Disease


When we think of a heart, a cute little shape in red forms in our mind. But when it comes to the human heart, red is bad…. I have heard of other mesh women who died of a heart attack, … Read More

Dangerous Pain Medications


It really concerns me how many women are being severely injured by mesh because not only does the injury change her life, but then she is prescribed pain medication, often in extraordinary amounts without knowing the real side effects of … Read More

The Silent Killers of Mesh


Last week, this post was supposed to go up on the web, but when I opened my Facebook page and read my messages, I was stunned and shocked to read about Davonne’s death. I knew then that I had to … Read More

Touched by an Angel


The saddest day begins with the loss of an angel “Davonne, how I will miss hearing your Tennessee accent when we talk on the phone. How sad I am that now I know we will never meet in person. I … Read More

World Mesh Awareness Day 2017


Back in 2013 when I decided we needed a day to raise awareness to try to stop the devastation from happening to more women, I chose the word ‘world’ because a huge percentage of women around the world, are now … Read More

Supplement Blogs to Help

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Balance your supplements with a better lifestyle. Over seven years I had to work at staying as well as possible despite the mesh implant. Even after removal I had to try things and see what was most effective at keeping … Read More

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