7 Years of Life Lessons


As the month of March looms closer, I find myself stepping back from the world of mesh and I find a way to be happier. It is a survival mechanism which is so important for my own personal life. I … Read More

Tort Lawsuits


If anyone had spoken to me about filing a tort lawsuit seven years ago, I would have stared at them as if they were speaking another language. I had no idea what these were and I had never filed any … Read More

Live Don’t Die


It is a very wet January morning and I am sitting here contemplating whether to spend my precious time writing a blog or to go and work on my creative projects which will help serve our dog rescue. My time … Read More

Trying to Live


It’s a wet and chilly January morning after a very warm winter here in our part of Texas. The sky is grey but I know it will only last a day or so before the sun comes back out and … Read More

Our Christmas Day


Although I am one of eight children all of whom are still alive, I am like many people far away from most of my family. Only two of my sisters in England take time to share their own Christmas’s with … Read More

Farewell Sweet Angel

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Last night I heard the news that a woman who I knew had passed away yesterday. The news was very sad and I woke up last night thinking about the many conversations she and I had had together. Over four … Read More

Angel of Hope

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The Angel of Hope I often think about how much hope comes to play when dealing with mesh complications. Without hope many of us would have given up on any future. However, hope and family plays two very important roles … Read More

Life Lessons

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It has been four weeks since I last posted a blog because I thought it was time for me to think happy thoughts and to work at doing something productive to help with the future of our dog rescue. I … Read More

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