FDA’s full report

If you are a victim of mesh, then you have to read the full report from the FDA.  It is time they recalled all mesh and put a stop to all the pain and devastation all these problems have caused.  … Read More

FDA It’s only a start

Yesterday was a very painful day for me and I felt like a tight band was wrapped around my thigh, causing pain in my knee, hip and down my back leg.  I could barely get up from sitting and walking … Read More

New FDA Report at Last

Tonight I began thinking about all the lawyers who seem to have come out of nowhere all of a sudden, with one lawyer even advertising about vaginal mesh on TV two days ago on the Country Music Channel.   I decided to … Read More

You are not alone

Once again another email this morning reminds me to keep this blog from disappearing into the blog archives.  If I can help one woman, it is worth the effort of writing. This woman is like many.  Young!  At age forty, … Read More

Help with my Crusade

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I thank God for any help with my crusade, helping other women like me who have gone through bladder sling surgery and are left damaged.  Yesterday I ‘met’ a lady over the phone who underwent sling removal surgery, three weeks … Read More

You will be heard here

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Today I received another email from a lady who has suffered greatly because of this mesh product.   I wrote back to her and told her that today is my 64th birthday and sadly instead of celebratory thoughts, my first thought … Read More

Bladder Infections Before or After Surgery-A Cure

  I feel this may help many women out there.   I had taken this product a couple of year prior and cleared an infection when nothing else would.  You can read all about it here.   http://www.herbal-supplement-resource.com/marshmallow-root.html I purchased Marshmallow … Read More

Report to the FDA

How to Report to the FDA Where to find the manufacturer name  and lot number. When I received my hospital medical records I immediately looked in the physicians Post Operative Report to find the product name and number.  I found … Read More

What to do now

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I am at the start of a New Year, living in frustration and pain.  I am a victim of the richest country in the world’s health crisis.  I have no health care and I have been injured by a product … Read More

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