A Surgery Companion

Why did the chicken cross the road?………………………To get to the other side. When you think about that small chicken trying to get past all those huge flying trucks on the highway. Well that is how it is for many mesh … Read More

Mesh Issues & Job Protection

It is amazing to me how much mesh women share with each other because so many have been through fears of losing their job, keeping insurance and surviving until they can get the mesh out.  My meeting with a mesh … Read More

Mesh & the Hidden Illness

This is that time of year when everyone plays happy family. Graduations and summer barbecues are up and running. Everyone is celebrating a new passage of life. But for many mesh women, dragging themselves out of bed is extremely hard … Read More

Mesh Removal Blues

There are times when I wish I could reach out and give women a big hug. Today is one of those days. You see we are all so messed up from our mesh complications and sadly for many of us … Read More

The Lost Children of Mesh Mothers

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I often used to think that life can deal such terrible and cruel blows and sets us on paths that seem never ending.  However I never realized how bad things could get for some women until I began this blog.  … Read More

No Holiday with Mesh

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It’s two a.m. Christmas Eve morning and I can’t sleep.  I can’t get comfortable for pain in my leg.  For most people, Christmas Eve is full of last minute shopping.  I haven’t done any this year.  I didn’t do any … Read More

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