No Mesh An Overview By Dr. Raz

I don’t know how many times women have asked me did I have anything written by Dr. Raz to do with mesh complications or the translabial ultrasound.  Well it turns out as I searched for a good article about the … Read More

Between Us Ladies

There are recent developments in the world of bladder sling mesh that have me concerned. At the bottom of this blog I will post a link and tell you why I am concerned. What this makes me realize is that … Read More

Incontinence What If

I have tried to assure women that when you have complete mesh removal, you may NOT wind up with incontinence, but many seem more concerned about that possibility than the real serious issues at hand. So today I decided to … Read More

When Was Mesh First Used & Complications

Most of the things I learn and share here with you is because of other women and their complications.  Whenever I don’t know the answer, I research and try to find an answer to the best of my ability to … Read More

Bladder Sling & Hysterectomy

I dedicate this blog to all the young women who can no longer care for their children because of bladder sling mesh.  For all the women who have lost their careers because they can no longer work, because of mesh.  … Read More

You are not alone

Once again another email this morning reminds me to keep this blog from disappearing into the blog archives.  If I can help one woman, it is worth the effort of writing. This woman is like many.  Young!  At age forty, … Read More

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