The Future of Mesh Implants

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Lately I have begun to wonder about the hundreds of thousands of women who have a mesh implant now and what will happen to them over many years, especially, will there be any compensation for the badly injured women from … Read More

Methadone Warning

These little pills may look innocent but they can be deadly. I am afraid there are many women who are addicted to pain medications from mesh complications and they need to seek help to get off of them. I am … Read More

Countdown to surgery

Four years ago today I was counting down the days to my mesh removal surgery and I was both so happy it was drawing closer because it had been such a long wait, but I was also very scared and … Read More

Connective Tissue Disorder & Aneurysms

I know not many women would talk to so many others when dealing with their own complications from mesh, but I have spent many hours doing just that. I often hear the same words repeated and those words stick in … Read More

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