Mesh & Internal Clostridium Infection

I have been talking to women with mesh complications now for two years and yet I still gain knowledge from them every day.  Knowledge that I pass on to you to ensure your well being.  This time it is about … Read More

Mesh & Mother’s Day

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This morning one email came in “Hello as I write this I am praying and crying. Please let this email go to someone who understands what I am going through! God please! Just this past Thursday May 10th I had … Read More

Mesh & A River Of Tears

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This past week has been exceptionally difficult.  As usual these days,  ten to twelve women a week make contact with me to try to find medical help to remove the mesh form their bodies.  The contacts that thrill me the … Read More

You are not alone

Once again another email this morning reminds me to keep this blog from disappearing into the blog archives.  If I can help one woman, it is worth the effort of writing. This woman is like many.  Young!  At age forty, … Read More

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