Experimental Bladder Sling Surgery

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Every morning when I wake up, I carefully and slowly get out of bed to make my way to the bathroom.  I steady myself before I take a single step to see if my right leg will allow me to … Read More

Mesh & My Moral Dilemma

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Today I have to answer a question that keeps churning around in my brain.  Should I shut down this blog?  Should I turn my back on all the women who are suffering and seeking help.  I’m not a doctor or … Read More

Mesh & My Anger

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At five this morning I was awoken by pain in my right side.  I struggled out of bed hanging on to something when I placed my right leg on the floor.  Very slowly I let the inevitable agonizing pain penetrate … Read More

Today I used my Walker

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I sit here right now wondering how could this have happened to me?  I woke up this morning with terrible leg pain that became worse as my right foot touched the floor and I tried to stand up.  I struggled … Read More

Help with my Crusade

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I thank God for any help with my crusade, helping other women like me who have gone through bladder sling surgery and are left damaged.  Yesterday I ‘met’ a lady over the phone who underwent sling removal surgery, three weeks … Read More

You will be heard here

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Today I received another email from a lady who has suffered greatly because of this mesh product.   I wrote back to her and told her that today is my 64th birthday and sadly instead of celebratory thoughts, my first thought … Read More

What to do now

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I am at the start of a New Year, living in frustration and pain.  I am a victim of the richest country in the world’s health crisis.  I have no health care and I have been injured by a product … Read More

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