The Pain Whisperer Part Two & Three

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Last week I had planned on writing part two of this blog, but I was caught up helping many women through their problems and wound up writing a blog that will help some of them. This blog now gets so … Read More

The Pain Whisperer Part One

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What do you do when you have done everything you can and you know longer know what to do? That is where I am at right now in my life and I know many women feel the exact same. I … Read More

One Woman’s Pudendal Nerve Injury Comeback

This holiday there are women who are running around trying to get things done for their families for the holiday, but when it comes to sitting down to have a meal with them, they cannot join in. Why? Because of … Read More

Surgeries & Scar Tissue

When you are overwhelmed with surgery after surgery, extreme incontinence and pain, it is so difficult to think about anything other than what you are dealing with at that time. Back in early 2010 when the sling was put into … Read More

The Importance of Magnesium & Potassium

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since my fascia sling surgery and during my recovery I have been trying to make a couple of phone calls a day to check up on women. I can’t check up on every woman or … Read More

Running a Mesh Marathon

The sadness that I read every day is so hard to deal with except for the blessings that I hear when a woman tells me she made her appointment with UCLA and has made the first small step to wellness. … Read More

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