My Support for UCLA

The past few day’s women have sent me notes because they are very upset over a public admonishment of Dr. Raz and his associates at UCLA and they are so worried and angry that this is going on. They have … Read More

Mesh Removal Who to Choose

I truly did not expect to be writing a new blog on this subject, but I now know I cannot put it off or women will be fighting when they should be supportive of others who are mesh injured. So … Read More

Pain Free Mesh Removal?

This morning I received a note from a woman who is very much concerned for other women’s continued health after mesh removal, but she is not strong enough to inform women of the pitfalls of believing in doctors who promise … Read More

A Surgery Companion

Why did the chicken cross the road?………………………To get to the other side. When you think about that small chicken trying to get past all those huge flying trucks on the highway. Well that is how it is for many mesh … Read More

Living with the Interstim Implant

This morning I received a wonderful email from a lady I have written about before who endured twelve long years of agony before her bladder sling mesh was removed. This lady had multiple surgeries that were not needed and made … Read More

No Mesh An Overview By Dr. Raz

I don’t know how many times women have asked me did I have anything written by Dr. Raz to do with mesh complications or the translabial ultrasound.  Well it turns out as I searched for a good article about the … Read More

First Test Down at UCLA

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It is only ten in the morning here and I feel exhausted.  My poor room mate has suffered endlessly over several years and her agony is heart felt.  Last night she was in so much pain she did not sleep … Read More

UCLA & Food

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This morning I made a second trip down to Target to pick up a few more groceries.  They have small shelf meals that you can microwave and others you can add water to and then microwave so I decided to … Read More

UCLA My First Day Adventure

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Making it alone at UCLA…………………….. I arrived late yesterday afternoon but with a two hour time change behind Houston time, plus a night before that was filled with poor or little sleep, I was in no mood for an adventure … Read More

My Fascia Sling Surgery Part Ten

Life’s lessons learned………….. When I am in trouble I am like everyone else. I get so upset I cannot see the wood for the trees and I don’t know where to turn to get the help I need. When I … Read More

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