Tendons and Fluoroquinolones

I truly wish I could stop the endless suffering of women damaged by mesh implants but I have learned over six years that when you are down, doctors will keep doing things that will take you past a point of … Read More

Mesh & Childbirth

I will be home for the holidays and I will be enjoying my time with my daughter and of course our rescue dogs. This is Sammy who has been with us six weeks and we are working on getting him … Read More

Emotional Support Dog

I rarely write about our dog rescue on this blog because it is a separate part of my life, but this week I learned something because of our rescue when a wonderful dog called Lula was adopted out after living … Read More

After Surgery Care

So many women are waiting to go to UCLA for mesh removal and as the date for surgery approaches, we are overwhelmed by things we have to do at home.  Before we leave and because most of us are Moms, … Read More

Infectious Disease Doctors

When I was diagnosed with the pseudomonas infection in my bladder two years ago I had to find a doctor close to home who would help me clear it and I was told that was what a urologist was for. … Read More

Scar Tissue Formation

I just posted a three blogs about an adhesive barriers that is supposed to reduce scar tissue problems. However just like mesh, it may work on some people and cause others immune problems. There are lawsuits to do with this … Read More

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