Pelvic Floor Specialists
This list will help you but is by no means an endorsement of any doctor. I do not get paid or accept any compensation for sharing this list. It is my wish that women are able to have surgeries without the use of mesh, by competent doctors. It is up to you to interview any doctor and if you are uncomfortable because they prefer to use mesh, my advice is walk and find another.

United States

Dr. Christian Twiss (article here), University of Arizona, Tucson
Dr. Shlomo Raz, Dr. Ja-Hong Kim (article here), UCLA, Westwood
Dr. Larissa Rodriguez, Keck Medicine of USC, Beverly Hills  Direct link
Dr. Leah Nakamura (6 years trained by Dr. Raz), Orange County Urology, 25200 La Paz road #200, Laguna Hills CA 92653. 
Dr. Antonio R. Pizarro (article here), Pizarro MD, Shreveport
Dr. Philip Barksdale, Woman’s Hospital, Baton Rouge
New York:
Dr. Jerry G. Blaivas, Uro Center of New York, New York City

Joseph Montella


Canada.  This one was given to me by a women who went through mesh complications and now she will be fixed without mesh.There is no website or fancy write-up.  Just a doctor who knows his stuff.
Donald J Hamilton  Dr 167-5201 43 St, Red Deer, AB T4N 1C7

Dr. Barrington (article here), National Health, Devon

Dr. Helen O’Connell (article here), Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne