The Mess of Lawsuits

I just posted a blog for women who are dealing with fear because of upcoming surgeries. I understand how this is because I have gone through it. You can read that blog here I did not intend to write another … Read More

I Need Money

When I began this blog is was because I had just began a journey through Hell on earth, all because of a mesh implant. I was seeking answers as to why I was suffering so much and my doctor did … Read More

Story Tellers

Lately there has been a strong surge of happenings in the mesh world and once again it is a time of unrest. I realize some women will say they don’t want to know, but what you don’t know CAN hurt … Read More

Big Lawsuit Scam

There’s no such thing as free money. I knew the following article was going to come out and I was waiting on it with baited breath hoping the news reporters would do a great job and they did exactly that. … Read More

Make a Will

A couple of days ago I received an email from a woman, with her photo and a request. When she dies, she wants me to write a story and use her photo to tell the world that no one cared. … Read More