Dr. Kim UCLA

Lately I have seen more comments on this blog about Dr. Kim and women are searching for alternatives to Dr. Raz because of the long time waits for consult and then surgery. It may surprise you to know that the … Read More

After Surgery Care

So many women are waiting to go to UCLA for mesh removal and as the date for surgery approaches, we are overwhelmed by things we have to do at home.  Before we leave and because most of us are Moms, … Read More

Doctor Patient Relationship

These days with so much worry about mesh, women are wondering if their doctor is liable if he/she uses mesh without your consent or removes part of your body without you know about it. It took a while until I … Read More

Understanding your bladder Part One

W It has been eleven days since I removed the catheter after coming home from the last surgery three weeks ago. I knew I had an infection when I got home because I had pain and did not feel well. … Read More

A Surgery Companion

Why did the chicken cross the road?………………………To get to the other side. When you think about that small chicken trying to get past all those huge flying trucks on the highway. Well that is how it is for many mesh … Read More

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