After Surgery Care

So many women are waiting to go to UCLA for mesh removal and as the date for surgery approaches, we are overwhelmed by things we have to do at home.  Before we leave and because most of us are Moms, … Read More

What are YOUR Mesh Complications

I do receive many emails and comments from other women that I personally do not have the answers. They want to know if other women have experienced some of the symptoms that they have since the mesh implant. It is … Read More

My Fascia Sling Surgery Part 1

I dragged my feet to pack…………… I didn’t want to go out to L.A. for yet another surgery. I didn’t want to put together a mound of supplies that would hopefully keep me from having an incontinence accident. I just … Read More

Mesh Neuromas & Nerve Complications

In my world listening to other women over the phone or reading what they tell me has happened to them is key to helping other women first understand a diagnosis they have been given and then what they can do … Read More

Mesh Damage to the Urethra

My four week post op report. Life after mesh removal surgery is a ‘one day at a time’ fight.  Not the kind of fight you think about when you read that word.  It is a fight to accept that your … Read More

Mesh and Pudendal Nerve Damage

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I am only sixteen days since my full mesh removal surgery by Dr. Raz at UCLA and yet I am happy and hopeful.  I am dealing with two things now.  Incontinence and right leg muscle pain, but I am hopeful … Read More

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