Document Your Mesh Journey

Mesh Angel art by my daughter Kim. I am posting this on Mother’s Day and I just want to wish every mother who on this journey, a very Happy Mother’s Day. This blog is my Mother’s Day gift to every … Read More

New Zealand & Mesh Implant Changes


This morning I received wonderful news from two women who have worked very hard to change things in their country’s Government for a few years. We all know that nothing changes overnight and not always the way we want it … Read More

A Month to Share Your Story

The month of April has been exceptionally tough for my daughter Kim. Everything seems to break down all at once, or at least one after the other. The weather was another factor that made life harder for her to fix … Read More

Foley Catheter Warning

When you had any surgery, did your doctor or anyone explain the problems that can happen with Foley catheters? I bet the answer is no. Mine didn’t either and yet twice I went through so much pain and anguish because … Read More

Boston Scientific Endo Buyout

Karen Prange, senior vice president and president of Urology and Women’s Health at Boston Scientific Who is doing anything to stop these giants from injuring women? No one apparently, not even our government agency. How do you become a giant? … Read More

Mesh Will I Get Complications in the Future

As I have stated in the blogs I have written this month I am on a mission! My mission is to inform women BEFORE they have pelvic mesh related surgeries which can include hysterectomy or prolapse repairs. This is because … Read More

How to do Self Cath

Why do I write blogs that those outside the world of mesh injuries may find distasteful? The answer is simple. I have been there, felt the fear and shed the tears. I did not know what to do or how … Read More

The Pain Whisperer Part One

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What do you do when you have done everything you can and you know longer know what to do? That is where I am at right now in my life and I know many women feel the exact same. I … Read More

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