Foley Catheter Warning

When you had any surgery, did your doctor or anyone explain the problems that can happen with Foley catheters? I bet the answer is no. Mine didn’t either and yet twice I went through so much pain and anguish because … Read More

A Letter to Angelina Jolie

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This morning I received an email from a woman whom I am very proud to call a dear friend. She has been one of the five women who help me help other women and even through her own times of … Read More

One Woman’s Journey Through Hell

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I have always said that mesh is a WORLD issue and I have shared women’s stories from far and wide. This one comes from Great Britain, from a woman who lives in Wales. What makes this more unusual is the … Read More

Mesh Anal Fissure & Healing

As always my endeavor for this blog is to give women answers to questions that no one wants to talk about. You know, those highly personal and embarrassing things that one hates to discuss, even with those closest to us. … Read More

Dear Doctors

When you put a mesh sling into a woman, you do it once. Then we regret it over and over again, year in and year out. When you see a woman in your office, you see only the medical side. … Read More

Mesh-A Page from One Woman’s Journal

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I just received a very poignant page out of one woman’s journal of daily suffering because of medical mesh.  She will remain nameless but her struggle is that of thousands of women.  This woman is far too young to have … Read More

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