Mesh Removal & No Money

There are so many days when I want to scream at the world “Why are women being injured and no one cares enough to hear our pleas”.  Remember when doctors ignored those who said “I feel ill and cannot get … Read More

UCLA & My Bladder Sling Removal Surgery

Prior to surgery;  On Monday October 8th 2012 my daughter Kim and I flew from Texas to UCLA in Los Angeles California.  We left early to drop our little dog off at a vet’s for boarding and then drove almost … Read More

Mesh Removal UCLA & Travelling Home

Between answering emails and comments from my blog since I came home and of course trying to get well from my mesh removal surgery, I have not been able to write everything that can help you get through your own … Read More

Mesh Removal & Healing

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My journey through healing. I woke up early this morning thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a feisty lady who lives in Tennessee.  Helen first contacted me after she had had a sling put in after a hysterectomy … Read More

Mesh Removal-Hope for You

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I am now nine days in from my own mesh removal and this morning received a lovely email from Robin, a lady who has had twelve years of mesh hell and who Dr. Raz removed it just the day before … Read More

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