Action Network


Who is the Action Network?
Affiliated with Corporate Action Network (CAN).  Their website looks like a poster child for good campaigns… open to anyone to start a campaign of their own.  However… there is a deeper agenda here.  Under the surface something sinister lurks.

You can’t see all the “groups” that are signed on with these people… but you can search.  When you click on “find a group” try these search terms… “mesh” and “walmart”.  What does Walmart have to do with mesh?

“mesh” in your search will provide you a link to the We Are Mesh Survivors campaign… running what else but the Tell your attorney to investigate Johnson & Johnson campaign.  They want your information all right… but not for what you think they want it for… see my page on Corporate Action Network for more on that.

“walmart” in your search will come up with a pile of groups.  The main campaigns are Making Change at Walmart and Our Walmart.  They have really got the people riled up about this one… and they are trying to do the same thing with mesh women.  How is Walmart connected to mesh?  Good question.  Money.  It’s that simple.


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