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Well… as much as I prefer to avoid mesh world these days… there’s always something outrageous and awful that is going on trying to take advantage of women.  Since my mom is injured… and keeps on blogging… you know I hear about all this crap.  To keep sane… my advice is avoid all this drama and discover a new hobby.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to knit and never had the time… go do it. Google is just a click away with all sorts of videos to help you learn anything you ever wanted to know.  Papercrafting, crafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting just to name a few.  Save your sanity… get away from Jane the Jackass and Horton the Smurf.  They all have their own plans to profit off pain… and they keep on coming up with new bullshit to get what they want.

You know Jane recently wrote an article that brought a firestorm upon her over Dr. Raz.  As usual she fantasizes while writing about trials… and conjures up her own brand of sensationalism.  It’s anything but journalism or factual reporting.  Well she seems to have been caught with her pants down and has been banished from viewing the court proceedings.  WOOHOO!!!!  Who knows what happened there because she will never report the truth.  The only thing we know is some of her fictional story changed and all the comments from the first round on that page went down.

usbfree2Then there’s smurf.  Spreading Christmas joy by sending out free USB medical bracelets.  Sounds all well and good… but did you ever ask yourself why the hell you would need a USB bracelet let alone request one?  Forget the fact that USB drives are notorious for failing just about the time you need the data on them.  More than likely if you requested one it’s because you saw the magic word…. free… and went running to sign up.  I don’t blame you there… anything free will have a line behind it.

Except… sometimes free is not free.  Smurf doesn’t pay for anything out of her own pocket and provide it for free without some personal payback.  The USB thing… was not financed by smurf.  No… instead smurf’s sponsors Baron & Budd the lawyers have forked out the cash to purchase these and brand their logo along with the blue wackos on them.  For some strange reason she neglected to mention that little fact anywhere.  Now… I don’t care what logo you choose to wear.  If you want to brand yourself with smurf and company go right ahead.  The problem I have with them is nothing to do with the item itself… it’s rather in the instructions that go along with it.

usbfree1Read carefully.  I’m not sure about you… but why exactly do you need to go on her site for information when a USB is a hard drive that stores information?

Then I thought about it.  When these were first introduced on her page she kept on talking about how women could upload their medical records to “the cloud”… hmm.  Which cloud are we referring to?  Because from what I’m seeing your data will go onto smurf’s site so she can dig her nose into your business and share it with her budd’s the lawyers.

This is not something that is ethical by any means.  I do hope someone reports this matter to the judge.  In the meantime… if you receive one of these take some advice… format it and just use it for you without uploading anything to any “cloud” that you don’t recognize.


  1. That got past me too but in my defense I never saw the instructions!!! This is actually criminal! Since she gets them registered and then has administrative passwords to view the info, then it is not free and where the the fuck are the terms and conditions for use? Lwgally, I would think that someone looking into your private affairs with no permission pretty much makes it criminal. If every company who make these had the rights to our privacy they would have to tell you! And again why would you want a thumb drive when you can get one as food as that one in a pack of three for 5 buck’s? Or probably big lots, or dollar tree for 1 dollar! She whacked in the head! Roflmao

  2. Jane Akre has done nothing to help the mesh community. I am glad her troublemaking tactics backfired in her face – again! At some point she should accept the fact that she will never be a respectable journalist. The few times it may have seemed that she is doing something worthwhile, it turns out that she is causing us more harm through her lies, half-truths, piss-poor reporting and misquotes. She continues to support and promote at least three evil villains who have caused even further trouble in their own way (Teresa Jones, Aaron Horton & Estelle Hilliard Tasz). It’s no wonder mesh-injured women are often dismissed and referred to as crazy & money hungry. I do not want the “help” of these power-seeking lunatics. Have you seen the dozens of self-proclaimed “leaders” who are “representing” the mesh injured? The letters that are being sent are so poorly written that no one in their right mind will accept that jibberish as legit (they could at least use spellcheck before hitting send). If I see another homemade video of an angry woman ranting about rocks I think I will hurl!

  3. The Smurf, and her legal colleagues just keep coming up with one sleazy adventure after another to drum up more business. Unbelievable that Law in this country has turned into such sleazy business.Run ladies,don’t just walk.

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