For the Haters

March 1, 2016 kim 0

Contrary to popular belief I’m not quite the horrible bitch some think I am.  Not that I don’t love the reputation… it keeps things nice […]

Prescription for Death

February 19, 2016 kim 1

I keep seeing people who pop prescription pills like candy… take a couple of supplements and say, “they don’t work” and go right back to […]

United in Madness

February 17, 2016 kim 0

I see so many people in groups say “we need to be united”… well maybe you need to reassess that. The truth is there is […]

Cover Girl

February 15, 2016 kim 2

I’m sure everyone will know who I’m referring to on here… let’s just call her Ms. Priss.  For some bizarre reason this woman has decided […]

Squeal in Pain

September 18, 2015 kim 1

There are times in life we all go through aches and pains… even our dogs.  While I focus mainly on the asses who seek to […]

For the Cause

September 11, 2015 kim 1

I’m reading through posts this morning really quick.  Nothing exciting going on… just the usual of women jumping up and down wanting to go protest […]

Off Your Ass

August 20, 2015 kim 2

There are a lot of people who love to run their mouths… you’ll see them somehow turn an entire conversation into “all about me”… and […]

Good People

August 10, 2015 kim 1

Life is full of people… some bad, some good… and some just totally out for their own gain no matter the cost. I have no […]


July 23, 2015 kim 0

There are many secondary illnesses associated with mesh.  Current research at UCLA is looking closely at biofilms as a key cause of free radicals damaging […]

Stopping Mesh

July 19, 2015 kim 1

As I read through the groups (yes even those I’ve been banned from there’s always a way to see)… I’ve noticed a common trend in […]