Squeal in Pain

September 18, 2015 kim 1

There are times in life we all go through aches and pains… even our dogs.  While I focus mainly on the asses who seek to […]

Sure Thing

June 9, 2015 kim 2

Mesh implantation is… NOT a sure thing.  Making money off people with mesh though… is definitely a sure thing. So here we have the epicenter […]

Time to Rise

May 15, 2015 kim 1

It appears Boston Scientific has settled before the last case went to court.  How very kind of them.  Since nothing is ever revealed on numbers […]

Risk or Reward

May 1, 2015 kim 1

Smurf likes to talk a lot about herself… and for the most part I try to focus on people doing very bad things… like her…who […]


March 21, 2015 kim 2

You know… I try to not read the disgusting lies Jane and her cohort the Mesh Wacko like to tell…. but sometimes I do look.  […]

Mesh Misadventures

August 21, 2014 kim 16

There has been a lot of talk about which doctor is best.  The truth is… the doctor who is best for you is the one […]


August 19, 2014 kim 8

There are days… when I’m wondering, “what the hell” with a message I receive.  It’s been one of those weeks… when I’m wondering that a […]

Unseen Scars

August 13, 2014 kim 1

There has been a lot of talk lately… a lot of fear with surgeries and surgeons.  There is so much misinformation and lies out there […]

Tight Tummy

August 7, 2014 kim 1

Now… every woman at some point looks in the mirror and wants a flatter stomach.  We’ve all done it.  Some achieve it through hard work […]

Damage Done

August 5, 2014 kim 5

I tried to find a picture for this post… I googled “vanity surgery” images… and the horrifying images for tummy tuck… are just too graphic […]