Qui Tam

July 2, 2015 kim 3

The road to riches takes many turns… or so it does in lawsuits.  I happened upon something today while on my WTF trail… something posted […]

Another Mile of Shit

May 9, 2015 kim 6

Well… there have been rumors of something that occurred last week with Jane & company in reporting a certain “story” of AMS settlement figures.  This […]

Approval Ratings

September 2, 2014 kim 3

Approval ratings appear to be down.  Poor…. poor… Jane Akre. After months of denials, dancing, changing directions… and finally admitting certain things when they can […]

Action Press

August 28, 2014 kim 3

Every now and then I get really bored reading the monotonous trial information from Mesh Medical Device News Desk.  I don’t really know how everyone […]

Circus Diversion

August 26, 2014 kim 0

For women who don’t know what’s going on… get ready… CAN of crap has a new plan on the table. Corporate Action Network (CAN of […]

Figment of Imagination

August 14, 2014 kim 6

OK… after much hype, endless hours digging… and finally the treasure chest has arrived! 2014 Johnson & Johnson Shareholders Meeting Podcast Yes you heard right… […]

Shot in Foot

July 30, 2014 kim 9

Well… interesting morning.  Seems Tasmania has been busy opening her mouth before thinking.  Just days after her debut appearance on We Are Mesh Survivors… and […]

Name in Lights

July 28, 2014 kim 8

I see Corporate Action Network (CAN) has a new website…. meshsurvivors.com… and a whole new “pink” look to the campaign this time.  Yes… some idiot […]

New York News

July 13, 2014 kim 0

Yea! Everyone is cheering because Jane Akre, Corporate Action Network (CAN) & smurf finally made the big time news! Those Attorney General letters are getting […]

Dirty Little Secret

July 12, 2014 kim 5

Can anyone access your court case? No. Flat out, straight up NO. Jane Akre has been running her mouth about anyone can find your lawyer’s […]