Tiers of Rage

June 9, 2016 kim 1

I’m sure when every woman entered into a lawsuit and was told it would be treated as an “individual case” that’s what she expected.  What […]


September 10, 2015 kim 2

Let me clarify something for the people who are so confused in their understanding of what exactly is happening here.  I am not “out to […]

Failure to Warn

September 6, 2015 kim 3

So all these months later… TVT-No! Nonprofit to help mesh women is no more.  The group still survives under a different name and taken over […]

Breaking Something

June 22, 2015 kim 4

After writing about my thoughts on logos and helping women… I get this email.  From “jeakre” at gmail.  Please rename yourself to “joker” so I […]

Still Surviving

June 21, 2015 kim 1

I’m taking time to review what’s going on in mesh today.  One of the biggest pet projects of Jane Akre is associated with Corporate Action […]

Cheers to You

June 21, 2015 kim 2

I’m sickened this morning as I double back over old ground to see what’s going on today.  It’s father’s day and I sit here thinking […]

Deadly Dogs

May 31, 2015 kim 1

There’s nothing better than a police chase by a K-9 running a victim down.  Or is there?  The truth is often stretched and wrapped in […]

New Victims

April 29, 2015 kim 1

It’s been awhile since I felt the need to write.  I do try to not read the mesh wacko’s posts or visit Jane Akre’s band […]

6 O’Clock News

March 12, 2015 kim 3

There is a joke I have said for years… as long as you don’t wind up on the 6 o’clock news… you’re doing OK in […]


October 18, 2014 kim 5

It’s been a rough journey exposing all the inconsistencies and abuses by the nonprofits in the world of mesh.  At the end of the day… […]