Mesh Odyssey

June 16, 2015 kim 16

CAUTION:  Extreme Language to Follow I’ve recently been watching a show on television that seems to just go from bad people… to more bad people… […]

Sure Thing

June 9, 2015 kim 2

Mesh implantation is… NOT a sure thing.  Making money off people with mesh though… is definitely a sure thing. So here we have the epicenter […]

Hard Balls

May 31, 2015 kim 7

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so physically ill reading through evidence as I just have.  It’s beyond disgusting… beyond comprehension what has been brought […]

Time to Rise

May 15, 2015 kim 1

It appears Boston Scientific has settled before the last case went to court.  How very kind of them.  Since nothing is ever revealed on numbers […]


March 21, 2015 kim 2

You know… I try to not read the disgusting lies Jane and her cohort the Mesh Wacko like to tell…. but sometimes I do look.  […]


August 1, 2014 kim 1

Jane with her best friends Corporate Action Network (CAN) seem to want a new campaign that will help shine a light on the women who […]

One Stop Shop

June 25, 2014 kim 0

Lawyers and Marketing Mayhem.  How are lawyers and physicians related?  Well… apparently this guy is both a lawyer and a physician.  Doesn’t that just scream […]

Slick Surgeons

June 24, 2014 kim 1

Slick Surgeons… maybe you’ve seen this slick ad campaigns… Miklos & Moore.  They seem to be REALLY successful and you might be one of the […]