Tiers of Rage

June 9, 2016 kim 1

I’m sure when every woman entered into a lawsuit and was told it would be treated as an “individual case” that’s what she expected.  What […]


April 30, 2016 kim 6

It was a little over two years ago when my mother came up with her latest idea… Mesh Awareness Day.  I remember that morning like […]

Blue Baron

December 10, 2015 kim 4

Well… as much as I prefer to avoid mesh world these days… there’s always something outrageous and awful that is going on trying to take […]

For the Cause

September 11, 2015 kim 1

I’m reading through posts this morning really quick.  Nothing exciting going on… just the usual of women jumping up and down wanting to go protest […]


September 10, 2015 kim 2

Let me clarify something for the people who are so confused in their understanding of what exactly is happening here.  I am not “out to […]


September 7, 2015 kim 5

You ever wonder how so few women gained complete control of the women of mesh on Facebook?  You wonder why since we started to uncover […]

Failure to Warn

September 6, 2015 kim 3

So all these months later… TVT-No! Nonprofit to help mesh women is no more.  The group still survives under a different name and taken over […]

Reuters Roulette

September 5, 2015 kim 8

Someone sent me their thoughts today on this whole Jane fiasco: “Jane has burned her way through the Ponzi scheme she set up with people […]


September 1, 2015 kim 6

This morning I got up to an article that must have been posted at midnight by Jane Akre.  You’re missing half the conversation and facts…. […]

Dying Broken

August 15, 2015 kim 3

There was a death a week ago in the mesh community.  Someone placed in the spotlight for winning a million dollar lawsuit.  Out of respect… […]