September 10, 2015 kim 2

Let me clarify something for the people who are so confused in their understanding of what exactly is happening here.  I am not “out to […]

Lien or Loan?

June 19, 2015 kim 1

So now it’s time to focus on an area affecting thousands of women without them having a clue it’s going on.  The bite out of […]

Odyssey Continued

June 17, 2015 kim 4

Seems the new nonprofit is not being received with open arms… and their plan to oversea the mega millions of what do they call it […]

Mesh Odyssey

June 16, 2015 kim 16

CAUTION:  Extreme Language to Follow I’ve recently been watching a show on television that seems to just go from bad people… to more bad people… […]

Sure Thing

June 9, 2015 kim 2

Mesh implantation is… NOT a sure thing.  Making money off people with mesh though… is definitely a sure thing. So here we have the epicenter […]


August 7, 2014 kim 2

All hell has broken loose this afternoon.  Thankfully its super hot outside and I can’t do anything anyway.  I’ve mentioned a certain film a few […]

Loan Life Raft

July 24, 2014 kim 0

Everybody in the “tort” game is out for your wallet.  Legal pickpockets.  One of those highest on the list of companies to avoid is “Lawsuit […]

Go to Hole!

July 23, 2014 kim 0

There are scams going on right now about the transvaginal mesh lawsuits.  How do these lending companies get your number?  There are a million ways […]

Distortion of Truth

July 12, 2014 kim 0

“Arguing with a manipulator is like arguing with a drug addict. You’re not arguing with the person, you’re arguing with the drug.” – Elizabeth Esther […]


July 5, 2014 kim 0

TVT-No has a group on Facebook.  They have some rules that I find beyond laughable.  Here’s the highlights: “1. Respect is the main rule in […]