Failure to Warn

September 6, 2015 kim 3

So all these months later… TVT-No! Nonprofit to help mesh women is no more.  The group still survives under a different name and taken over […]

Still Surviving

June 21, 2015 kim 1

I’m taking time to review what’s going on in mesh today.  One of the biggest pet projects of Jane Akre is associated with Corporate Action […]


October 18, 2014 kim 5

It’s been a rough journey exposing all the inconsistencies and abuses by the nonprofits in the world of mesh.  At the end of the day… […]

Ousting & Jousting

September 19, 2014 kim 11

Hear-ye… hear-ye… the royal court is now in session.  Or so the queens who are jousting would have you believe.  Why do so many people […]

Blue Crap

September 9, 2014 kim 4

Too Much Wacky Fun is open for business.  That’s right folks… the new “The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured” has a new online home […]

Stop Leeches

September 1, 2014 kim 11

I’m pretty sure at this point… I have named my site wrong.  I thought “stop mesh” was a good name… after all we should stop […]

Figment of Imagination

August 14, 2014 kim 6

OK… after much hype, endless hours digging… and finally the treasure chest has arrived! 2014 Johnson & Johnson Shareholders Meeting Podcast Yes you heard right… […]

All My Friends

July 26, 2014 kim 0

So… I’m looking to see who Mark Fleishman’s besties are… he’s friends with some interesting people.  Not the least of which is someone who sent […]

Backstabbing Glitches

July 16, 2014 kim 0

In the wake of my story about Estelle… which was not shared on Facebook for over 24 hours… there was a bit of unrest.  I […]

Distortion of Truth

July 12, 2014 kim 0

“Arguing with a manipulator is like arguing with a drug addict. You’re not arguing with the person, you’re arguing with the drug.” – Elizabeth Esther […]