Corporate Action Network (CAN)

Who is the Corporate Action Network?  Why is Jane Akre promoting these people she refers to as “CAN”?

Corporate Action Network is an “Action Network” fund project.  They are related.

CAN of crap… don’t be fooled.  The Corporate Action Network has their own agenda… and it’s not helping mesh injured women.  Although from their slick websites, you wouldn’t know it.   They appear to be legitimate organizations… even going so far as to put a “Donate” button on the top of their main page.

CAN Reality Check.  Doesn’t the message of CAN look good?  Free and fully featured with tools to help you with your fundraising and campaigning effort.  If it’s too good to be true…. here’s a hidden page they don’t want the public to see:

FireShot Screen Capture #002 - 'Victim Advocacy I Corporate Action Network' - corporateactionnetwork_org_plaintiff-advocacyLook carefully at the bottom of that page and see who is taking phone calls from lawyers about partnering with them… Michael Huttner (of The Huttner Group and ProgressNow) and Mark Fleishman (formerly with SEIU and Amalgamated Bank).

Corporate Action Network owns the following websites and is associated with 34 more:
We Are Mesh Survivors
Johnson & Johnson Hurts Women
Both of these sites are related.  Their main aim is writing to every Attorney General in the United States to grab headlines… and they want your name and information to do it.  Little do you know you’re opening the door to their prying eyes when you sign their petitions.  The information you provide can hurt your lawsuit, especially when Jane Akre contacts you and wants to know the name of your mesh implant and the attorney who represents you.  They want the Johnson & Johnson cases settled and fast.  But why?  A very large piece of the pie… a bite out of YOUR money in settling the case when they approach your lawyer behind your back and bring in their own attorneys to “assist” with your case.

Is that legal?  Can they do that?  He’s my attorney, right?
It is legal… it can happen.  It’s a dirty side of the legal system happening right under your nose.  If you don’t protect yourself… RIGHT NOW… you might very well be a victim all over again… of your own attorney colluding with CAN’s attorneys.

How can I prevent this? 
Take a moment right now and write a letter to your attorney.  From this point forward… all correspondence with your attorney needs to be documented in writing.  You need to keep an evidence file.  If your attorney does not comply with what you have demanded in writing… he stands to lose his BAR license.  In this first letter, it does not need to be long… be sure and state you want “to be notified before and during any negotiations you may have on my behalf, via email or mail and kept up to date on any progress you are making. I would like to be part of the process and I prefer not to do this by phone.”  You MUST send this to YOUR attorney AND any co-counsel on your case.

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