Cover Girl

I’m sure everyone will know who I’m referring to on here… let’s just call her Ms. Priss.  For some bizarre reason this woman has decided to become the cover girl for mesh and start her own campaign with her images everywhere on posters.  This in itself is not a bad idea… it’s just not the best idea when you look so very healthy.  Add to that the bizarre tagline… “voice for the voiceless”… really?  That’s the best you could do?  Mesh women are NOT voiceless.  They are NOT helpless.  The truth is being mesh injured sucks… it takes your cash, your health and in a lot of cases family members with it.  It never steals your voice.  You have the power to speak still… and most women who are injured do speak… without all the lawyer promoting and personal fame aspect of it.

Little things Matter

Just talking to people matters.  If there’s an opportunity to save just ONE other woman from mesh… speak up and tell her your experience.  It doesn’t have to be twitter tweeting insanity.  Talking to people… in person… on the streets… in stores… this matters.  Dolling yourself up in perfect makeup and manicured… does not help anyone see this for what it is.  Looking nice is one thing… working like hell to promote yourself as a Hilton cover girl… is a very different matter.  Remember… pretty on the outside does not mean you’re pretty on the inside.

Gruesome Gore

On the other end of the scale we have bizarre gruesome art and images going around.  I’m not sure how nails and weird new-age art of people screaming helps anyone… but it’s certainly not sending the right message either.

Blue is Better?

Not really… blue lipstick just says you have no idea it’s not Halloween and need a freakshow makeover.

Mesh Angels

Now… I know many hate Mesh Angels… not because it’s not the best damn idea out there… but because I’m the one who created the logo and merchandise.  It was never my intention to be hated by half of the mesh folks… but I can’t stay silent and watch crazy shit without saying something about it… so someone not liking me is going to happen sometimes.  That’s life… not everyone is going to like everyone else.

What I will tell you about Mesh Angels and the logo is this.  YOU created it.  I might have done the art and made it pretty… but the inspiration came from YOU… all of you… every single person who kept telling my mother what an angel she was for helping them… you’re the reason I did all of it.  You’ll never see my face on any of that stuff… because it’s not about me… it’s about all of you.

I recently read a post on a group where some women who all hate me were working on creating something “new” to replace Jill the Giraffe.  I swear I couldn’t stop laughing… my mom even asked what was so funny from the other room.  It was bizarre to read a post that started out by bashing my mom over a giraffe and implying she invented that (which FYI she didn’t start the giraffe thing)… then went on to come up with an idea to replace her with… get this… a mesh angel.  It became even more laughable when the colors were mentioned… blue & purple?  I mean… imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… but the patterns of dolls they were throwing up there as examples were more childish than doing anything for mesh.  At any rate… keeping an eye on that for a couple weeks now… no doll has surfaced even after all the talk.

The Mesh Angel… love it and hate me… that’s just fine.  It was designed for mesh injured women everywhere.  Something beautiful yet simple enough to be placed on items to wear.  Not costing a fortune… and covering the costs of other women to have some merchandise to wear too.  Women supporting women.  Because long before it’s creation… you were already doing that.  Sending angel items to each other.  It meant something… and still does… HOPE.

You’re not voiceless.


  1. Not every woman is injured by blue mesh. There have been so many types of mesh put on the market, including hernia mesh, so blue does not represent all people injured by mesh. We all need earthly angels in our lives to help us get through this.

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