It was a little over two years ago when my mother came up with her latest idea… Mesh Awareness Day.  I remember that morning like so many others… her chattering away nonstop while I dove in a cup of coffee trying my best to have a slow quiet wake up.  After years of this you would wonder how we live together… the secret is in a talent called “selective hearing.”

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #029 - '(4) Mesh Problems' - www_facebook_com_groups_meshproblemsSo the morning of the great revelation of “Mesh Awareness Day” started like any other when in my drone state there were words that snapped me awake… “I want to do a Mesh Awareness Day each year.”  You want…. WHAT???  It was bad enough this mesh crap was the new way of life with damn near NO conversations with my mother and any other living being on the planet going anywhere without it… but now she wanted to “invent” a holiday?  What the hell?

This had to be the craziest idea my mother had come up with… and yet… as she went on about it and how important it was to make others aware of the dangers of mesh surgeries… it really did make a lot of sense.  Not that I believed such a thing would catch on.  I mean seriously… how ridiculous is it for someone to just invent a holiday and place it on the calendar?  It couldn’t be that easy… could it?

Flash forward to today… one day before my mother’s created mesh holiday… and apparently it can be just that easy.  So easy in fact that even the most notorious haters of hers have “adopted” her holiday as a real world thing.  Including… smurf… JANE, the “MAM” people… women in groups all over the place sharing these things as well as the Twitter twits… and I’m sure there are others I just haven’t discovered yet.  I’m not sure whether to be offended or just laugh my ass off at the whole thing.  Considering my mom gets the last laugh as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I’ll go with the latter.  My mom’s holiday is now famous.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #033 - 'Mesh Problems' - www_facebook_com_groups_meshproblemsFor those of you new to the mesh world (sadly since no one should be here)… here’s some things you should know.  Not everyone has the best intentions to help you help yourself get well.  There are folks like Jane Akre who sell their souls and websites to doctors that they “recommend” and loan companies you can use to “fix” yourself for a tidy profit for everyone involved.  There are narcissistic smurfs like Aaron Horton jumping up and down writing crazy shit completely unrelated to mesh and wanting you to brand your ass with her logo so she can realize the fame she never had in high school.  Then there are a dozen or so mesh women who are the NCBs (Nasty Christian Bitches) who use bible quotes along with belittling anyone who opposes their love for Jane, Smurf and the entire profiteering club.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #031 - 'The Mesh Warrior' - www_facebook_com_themeshwarrior__fref=tsOne such NCB was running a smear party the last few days.  Lana Keeton.  Now… I will admit my views do not inspire bad people to suddenly realize what assholes they are.  The truth is these bad people will NEVER get a clue… it’s just who they are and they justify their actions in bible verses hiding behind a shield of worship for their salvation.  Most religious people are good people… who don’t advertise their beliefs and lead good lives.  For the NCB however… advertising one’s religion is akin to displaying a penis in public.  It’s all well and good to have one but the world does not need to see how “big” yours is.

Idiot Keeton (she chose her own name forgive me it’s not creative enough) was posting all sorts of crap on her page publicly denouncing my mother and getting her groupies all worked up (to be featured in a separate post).  These people don’t seem to realize one very important thing I keep saying over and over… mesh world is SMALL.  Word gets around quick.  Now if you have something mean to say at least make it about the truth.  These liars and the lies they spread… getting old quick.  A made-up holiday might be adopted as real… but you can’t make lies stick as truth anytime soon.  I spent the day they did this repairing our septic system and snagging screenshots of all the nasty things they were saying.  A fitting combination really… shit with shit for a shitty shit day.

For the NCBs I do know… who all like to bitch that I blog about them… you are your own worst enemy.  The things you say far surpass anything I could come up with.  It’s especially trashy of all of you to blame my views on my mother… who by the way has helped countless women even with all your nastiness going on in the background.  So to honor just how horrible you all are… your words will be seen forever… no deleting the ugly parts of yourself and pretending it didn’t happen like on Facebook… starting with Lana’s words on my blog when she was upset about her “disaster recovery fundraiser” being seen on Mesh Avenger.  It’s unfortunate that mesh women are all painted as crazy lunatics due to the actions of a few like this.

What was it that began the sadistic comments about my mom?  It started with this fundraiser that I found disturbing.  Women were contacting me… some didn’t even think it could be her doing it and her name might have been hijacked for the purpose of raising $11,000.  No such luck.  Not only was it really Idiot Lana asking for money… she was pretty pissed off about my views of it on Mesh Avenger.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #024 - 'LANAS DISASTER RECOVERY FUND by Lana Keeton I Generosity' - www_generosity_com_emergencies-fundraising_lana-s-disaYou might wonder why I found this as distasteful at best.  The truth is it didn’t ring altogether of truth.  Problem #1… formaldehyde is not odorless.  It’s colorless and has a distant odor similar to pickles.  Problem #2… while formaldehyde is a gas it’s not used on building materials as a gas… it is placed in a solution of liquid instead.  The smell coming from building products including flooring is actually “off-gassing” of the formaldehyde.  As time goes by and you open your windows to ventilate it out the smell goes away.  Formaldehyde, while having a strong smell in wood flooring products, will not “settle” or “float” off the floor to contaminate any of your belongings without direct physical contact.  While humans can absorb formaldehyde through their skin in a factory utilizing it to produce building products… the odds of your belongings absorbing it from a neighbors wood flooring are slim to none.

“Persons who have undergone decontamination or who have been exposed only to vapor pose no serious risks of secondary contamination. “

So… throwing away all your belongings wasn’t done because of the formaldehyde from a neighbors floor off-gassing.

There are more issues with her statements… including the fact she can afford to live in a hotel but doesn’t have money for a new place.  The last time I checked… a hotel was freaking expensive.  A friend is staying in Los Angeles for a more severe surgery and it’s costing her $6,000 for the month… and no she didn’t whine and throw up a gofundme to pay for it.

As for the “wrecked” car… you have to ask just why the insurance company didn’t help with rental car costs.  That brings up an important question… who was at fault in Lana’s car accident?  Insurance companies don’t pay anything to those at fault… not even a rental.  So why should anyone else pay for your mistakes if the car insurance company won’t?  And once again if you had the money for a rental for a month I’m pretty sure you could afford a secondhand car somewhere.  It may not be a new Rolls Royce but it would get you by until you could afford something better.

Before you post up a fundraiser to help you with things… try to remember the mesh world is full of these.  We’re all sick to death of seeing them… because you don’t ask your friends and family for help… instead you focus on other mesh victims to “help” you.  That is the exact reason so many groups have banned these fundraisers from being put up… because there were so many of them they basically filled up the group page with them.  If you truly need help… your best course of action is to facilitate helping yourself in your local community.  One woman has a grandson with a serious illness and did just that with a dinner and local businesses to come together for a benefit.  Helping starts at home… and that’s local… not a gofundme with bogus illnesses and blaming your neighbors flooring.

I banned Idiot Lana from my page after she repeatedly posted insults.  When I ban people their posts all “vanish” from view but are still there… and these are those posts.  You can see for yourself why I didn’t have time for this bullshit on septic repair day.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #042 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts FireShot Pro Screen Capture #041 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts FireShot Pro Screen Capture #039 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts FireShot Pro Screen Capture #038 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts FireShot Pro Screen Capture #037 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts FireShot Pro Screen Capture #036 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts FireShot Pro Screen Capture #035 - '(2) Mesh Avenger' - www_facebook_com_themeshavenger__fref=ts



  1. Well yes I saw it all myself as well as the comments from the fab 5 on her page. I couldn’t imagine asking mesh injured for anything I didn’t even do that for my grandson who is actually suffocating which makes her even more ridiculous!! We lived here during the bp explosion and were literally on ground zero living on the water with planes spraying corexit over us all here !! That’s a WHOLE other big story but it’s most certainly more dangerous than her NEIGHBORS flooring. Many of us in the mesh community have and are living through very difficult situations. Not all of us choose to pander to those who are equally fighting for their life. I am a Christian not because I’m perfect because I’m not. I do see value in a union of us all but drop it as it will never happen due to those that have opened that sacred and precious door to the mesh injured that should have been protected ALWAYS !! They opened that door to the vultures ! Why I don’t know but common sense tells you that if it weren’t beneficial to them they wouldn’t have. For that alone I have a STRONG disdain for these women and am no ones follower I will gladly stand against any or all of you or your business partners or politicians that back your dirty agenda !! Now for the hate. I’m beyond sick and tired of any of US being called hateful when your actions of you all are the epidemy of what you accuse others. Please please stop using bible verses to defend your actions it’s disturbing at the least !! Lana and I spoke on 1 occasion when I was new to the groups and all of this and I had found her website. Seeing that we had a dr in common I called and she warned me right away she was to weak to speak so I need to hurry. I was empathetic so I said of course. We ended up speaking for quite awhile. I’m certain she found my story interesting or she wouldn’t have. She told me to keep in touch so I tried on a couple more occasions to call for interesting news for her. She rudely rushed me off the phone. Plainly saying “look I’m sorry but I’m writing a Rico and other important things so I just don’t have time “. Wow that was hurtful at the time. So I just moved on and was never going to contact her again. Which I didn’t. Strangely like 2 months later. I get a call from Lana saying ” listen I can’t talk long but I know big people and I shared your story and a huge blessing is coming ” I said ok can you not tell me a bit more ? ” No look just thank God and wait ” as she seemed annoyed I even asked about it. Well of course I’ve not been blessed by her actions. Which is fine with me but strange to say the least. Then as far as Halina goes her and I were talking well on the women’s group about natural stuff etc to help you. Until I started to see all the Dr Vigna soliciting on the page. I was curious but didn’t have time to care until a mesh injured lady asked for my number late one night and sounded upset. She called and

  2. Sorry my device is giving me trouble so I’m doing this in parts. Continuing…. So this poor woman calls me and after a long talk she’s in tears and sick and feeling suicidal. She goes on to tell me how she was pushed and pushed to call Dr Vigna until she did and found it strange that after a short phone call he could diagnose issues. Well I suppose she mentioned her concerns and was attacked by this group of women and told she was putting other women’s health and settlement in jeopardy by her concerns. Basically they bullied her !! It is obvious that in fact what was at stake was surely one of many kickbacks !! I’ve personally spoke to reputable doctors and attorneys who see it clearly that way and advised NOT to bother. Now another story. I might have been wrong but was sincerely netted red after being attacked so ugly about how much Jane has truly helped women. I don’t find her articles very enlightening at all !! So I went on the women’s group and simply asked ” Hi ladies I was curious as to how Jane has helped y’all directly in anyway ? If she has I absolutely would like to know as I’m quick to admit if I’m wrong”. Well in a matter of an hour there was about 6 responses from women I’ve never spoke to saying nothing she’s done nothing. Well that got attention quickly from admins etc and I was kicked out and post deleted. I regret not taking a screenshot it was very telling !! Then of course through friends who were in the group I was sent screenshots of the equivalent of a hate session against me for daring ask or question the great and wonderful Akre ? lol. Then there was that time when Polly made her sunglasses video and I truly at the time was hurting for her as I do all the injured. We spoke and she and the gang were excited about the potential it might get Dr Phils attention. I told her great but expressed concerns about Jane representing us in such a public way. Polly responded by saying look I can’t stand her either but she has the pull so please just keep it quiet as I need to use her for right now. BTW I was told the very same from Lana !! So ladies don’t preach honesty when your willing partner with bad people to get attention from the media !! We absolutely need the story told but not that way !! I think we all have a story and a right to tell it BUT if I see one told and backed by the greedy group like Akre and Horton or many others I WILL stand up and make it known there are people suffering but most don’t want their story represented by vultures or fame whores !! Now onto that topic. I did an article with Reuters after being approached I wanted to be anonymous but was told due to others not where I’m at it would be more legitimate it I weren’t. I knew it would bring drama I didn’t need. Only maybe 1/10 of my story was able to be told as the editors didn’t want it so lengthy that readers wouldn’t read it. ALL information in that article was confirmed by Reuters legal unlike mmnd !! Also there was MANY other brave women who contributed and remained anonymous due to a different position they were in. So I took one for the team free of charge and gladly with hopes of helping others. It wasn’t out a full 24 hours before Jane lost a lending sponsor that dropped out so out of pure evil as y’all preach about it. She contacted my lender who is the biggest disgusting human and rallied to his defense and tried to make a mockery out of me. A mesh injured person that has been hurt physically , mentally and emotionally by all of this !! I was attacked by the woman who is hailed as the super hero of mesh. I can assure you SHE DONT CARE !! She has stated it herself !! I have been through pure hell in so many ways.

  3. Last part !! So the point of this being so long and detailed is to tell the reader that this is all FACTS like it or not !! If it were me and I know because I’ve done it. I would look deeply at the situation and decide if you are actually part of the problem yourself !! You may be surprised that you can redirect your choices. I don’t think Linda or Kim or many others need any defense. It’s all there if anyone wants to be educated. I will say that I KNOW they help many women !! They don’t advertise it because they aren’t fame whores. As far as Kim who is close to my age. I can see how reading mesh avenger comes off a bit strong in her presentation. I also know this Kim is a very caring person !!! She just much like me has an allergy to bullshit and greed ! If that was my mother I can’t say I wouldn’t be harsher !! So just know that we’re all adults here and we should be looking to help not hurt and have peace but you must stop pandering to the insiders to do that !! My sincere prayer is all get help and get better whether I agree or disagree. With the exception of lanas appeal about being poisoned yet again. I actually think it’s much deeper much like Jane they jump around in disaster land and work with the big guys to get something. Also let it be known that I have NO fear of any of you or your associates !! As far as Lanas federal RICO I easily have one myself and instead of being so childish you might wake up one day and say wow that happened to me but I was too busy being dumb !!! And Lana as far as your illness I hope you get better but making a federal case for yourself again ? Your poison doesn’t touch even what’s happened to me , my children’s health or my sweet grandson who’s fighting for his life !!! So forgive me if I don’t empathize with a grown woman who is apparently smart enough to file her own RICO but can be resourceful enough to figure this small issue out. There was once a time when I got extremely angered by Jane and the gang. I know find it to be a twisted situation that’s humorous and y’all are all really irrelevant!! The point of this very long post was to give my story of TRUTH to the situation and because many DO support Linda but are sadly too scared to speak out because of you bullies. I’m not scared I’m dealing with Devils higher on the list lol. So don’t be scared or rude. If this makes you angry because your heard something you don’t like. Tough shit !! If anyone feels the need to attack me in anyway for the truth think carefully but do what you will. Again please STOP quoting scripture when your behaving like this !! If you lean on your faith I think you couldn’t deny that EVERYONE OF YOU AS WELL should be assessing your behavior !! Also I know Florida has more resources than Alabama and we have Christian social services , churches that will help and women’s and homeless shelters atleast temporarily. It is nothing I haven’t done myself. You told me Lana you lived homeless in the beach so I can’t imagine why these things would be not good enough for you. For peters sake I just can’t shake it. My sweet doodle bug is suffocating on a tumor in his airway and I did a go fund me and shared it with NO expectations from my injured sisters. I worked my ass off offering a spaghetti dinner fundraiser and got local food donations and went and worked it and cooked , served and graciously thanked each person for eating lunch with us. Please for Gods sake try to develop some integrity instead of you all feeding off each other’s situation as if your the only ones !! PS .. Janes last 2 articles like most was literally stuff I already knew because you can get the info yourselves. She’s irrelevant and a sad joke in this situation!! Talk about being fooled she has just barely enough skills and connections to be perceived sadly as a relevant source. When she’s really just a blood filled leach !! Again the TRUTH. It’s harsh but many times it is in life. Godspeed

  4. Who is this women Lana? I put the flooring she is complaining about in a rental house of mine . My tenets have 3 small children and everyone is fine. Sounds like she wants to go shopping on some one else’s dime.
    If she does believe she has been poisoned, it’s all in her head.

  5. Mary blanks May 1, 2016 | Reply

    Last Thursday I was going through physically again, I had developed an aneurism and I had gone to Cleveland clinic last September I believe and had the repair done. After surgery I was told it was repaired and everything went off without any problems. Well two weeks ago I began to have this excruciating pain different than normal. ( you all understand). I couldn’t think of anything but Cleveland. Last Monday I returned back and I was told the aneurism wasn’t repaired they’d repaired a rip!! WHAT RIP?? Not going to lose focus with that story , but I called LINDA KILPATRICK, NOT JANE, NOT AARON ,BUT LINDA! I called Linda because I know if we talk long enough I’ll receive the direction I need. I never forget the first time I called her I had been told I was dying , no one knew how to help me and I only had two to three months to live. Linda KILPATRICK gave me the blueprint for my victory. She told me the only dr.that could remove it and remove it all was dr. SHOLMO RAZ. She helped me every step, from how to get my appointment, who to speak with even really what to say, where I should stay and on and on.. Linda helped me get my surgery while she herself had to wait over another year for her insurance kicked in, she helped me unselfishly. Linda told me what herbs and vitamins to take to fight the infection that was raging in my body. Well last week I was facing the same death and I was really lost. Linda and I talked and I remembered any time they operate on me in my stomach area it creates this life stealing infection , so Linda said Mary you should be on intravenous antibiotics. We all must remember that the bacteria has not left our bodies I don’t understand how it hides until we have any surgical need and there it appears as if it never left! Linda thank you for unselfishly helping us fight for our lives. I being one of those Christians ,Kim lol, try not to think evil of people. I wait and watch….. After watching I found that something was incorrect with janes page, when she allowed that atty Hal to bully us on her website and rebuked us if we questioned him. Real questions we now know we need to know when taking advice like do you work for AMS, why are you spending weeks bullying us on your website Jane. Even before that Estelle Rogers when I asked how she could get full removal from Dr. RAZ one day and be on the beach the next. Instead of Jane asking revel any questions we were rebuked and then Jane got with that Dr. V who rumors say really leaves women hanging, and Estelle Rogers Tasz, and began discounting Dr. RAZ the only Dr. I know we can trust in full removal, because if you haven’t noticed this trend that Drs say they can remove anchors and all but after surgery the truth comes out and they can’t! I too spoke with Reuter and when Traci’s story came out and it exposed many Drs and others Jane was recommending Jane attacked Traci. I was shocked and asked Jane why she’d tried to discount Traci’s perception of her experience with these people I was rebuked! These have been four of the hardest years of my life and without the real lifesaving guidance Linda freely gave me I would not be here. Yes I must not forget Aaron Horton Linda is a very open person so when Linda was just about at overload about 4 years ago Aaron told her she would help her with her blog until she became strong enough again ,Linda told me about this plan and advised me to talk to her. I never did and I informed Linda something just didn’t seem right. Well I’m convinced all Aaron wanted was Linda’s friend list and as soon as she got it her and Jane turned their new corner which was never to be our help but for us to help them find their route to fame and fortune. Linda I’m so glad Your idea for Mesh Awareness Day is such a great success. Maybe people will try to come together instead of all this craziness,it seems the other blogs like this also. I love you Linda I love you Kim

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