For the Haters

Contrary to popular belief I’m not quite the horrible bitch some think I am.  Not that I don’t love the reputation… it keeps things nice and neat and the crazy people who are under this impression at bay.

In starting Mesh Angels Alliance nonprofit I wanted to send little gifts to women who were going through a rough patch before surgery.  My mom was already sending little things out to a few women here and there… so why not make it a thing.  Which we did.  It had to do what other nonprofits were not willing to do… be transparent and show you the financials.  Which we did.  That’s just half the story.  What does our nonprofit do?  Very simply… just send a little gift to lift spirits through the mail.  That’s it.  We don’t fund surgeries.  We don’t pimp out doctors or lawyers.  We don’t promote a lot of hoopla to gather women to courthouses.  The truth is… mesh women are all broke or living a frugal life.  Why Jane & company want to take money from any of you is beyond me… but her and smurf work hard at it anyway to fund their travel and lavish lifestyles.

So what is the only thing a nonprofit can do that directly benefits women?  Send a pick me up gift.  I can do it for far less than anyone else… because I know how to shop.  It takes effort and patience… but it’s worth it.  We don’t always send the same things… we mix it up and send a lot of small gifts “just because” on the journey of mesh… as well as a few larger surgery packages.  To keep things straight on what I’ve sent because I keep changing and working on improving gifts… I take photos of everything I send.  That way… just in case a woman has further problems later and needs a cheer up… I don’t duplicate (or rather I try not to).  I don’t care what maker of mesh you have… the brand doesn’t matter… it’s all the same shit anyway.  I’m not keeping your files and selling them to anyone else… why?  I have no desire to add to anyone’s pain or suffering… I’m not Jane and company.

Purple Peace Packs… are a gift of love and a warm hug on a bad day.  I look at it this way… if you receive something you don’t fancy… pass it on to another mesh woman in need.  I don’t take offense to what you do with your gifts… if you’d like to pay it forward feel free.

Other than promoting the horrible lawsuit fiasco and people jumping up and down wanting you to make them famous… what else could a nonprofit possibly do to impact the life of a single woman?  I subscribe to the theory that people should do for others what they would want done for them… this is not about financing anything for you… this is simply about giving your day a smile and knowing other people care.  This is what the Mesh Angels Alliance does… and I hope now you can better understand what I do behind the scenes that few know about beyond exposing the insanity of people hoping to profit over your pain.  The donations received are from other Mesh women just like you… they all help finance the little gift packs in the mail… I just put it all together and send it off.  Mesh women helping mesh women… this is Mesh Angels Alliance.

Here’s some of the over 60 gifts we have sent since July 2015…

Sharlene Woolfork 1-17-15 Robin Bowen 11-29-15 Nancy Clarke 9-29-15 Michelle Eberhart 1-15-16 Melissa Becker 9-29-15 Marty McCann 7-20-15 Laurie Plocher 10-8-15 Ellen Ambroff 9-29-15 Elizabeth McMaster 11-29-15  Debbie Kelley 10-19-15 Davonne Atkins 11-29-15

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