Motley Rice Cockup

I don’t know if the law firm of Motley Rice just had a bad day… or if they really have their heads that far up their asses.

The mesh community was rocked to it’s core recently… as the case of Albright vs. Boston Scientific was met with a win for Boston Scientific… with the verdict coming back they had done nothing wrong.

How did this happen?

Mesh erosion is no little thing… the mesh itself might still be in one piece… it’s “eroding” your body from the inside out.  It rips at internal organs and parts literally rubbing until it’s past raw… rubbing until those parts give way and many times until the mesh is actually visible through the skin poking out from the inside of the body.  Many internal organs are damaged, some beyond repair.  They actually had to REBUILD my mother’s urethra… yes the tiny tube that let’s one pee… because the mesh had “eroded” into it.  It’s not a small thing… AT ALL… when the body cannot mend itself.

So when the plaintiff alleges “erosion” do they stand there and describe exactly what happens?  Because that’s exactly what NEEDS to happen.

Without having exactly what was said in court in front of me (which I will be obtaining)… we will just analyze what we do have… the complaint that was filed.

The complaint is what I opened online and found myself staring in amazement.  25 pages… the EXACT number of pages in my mother’s complaint.  That’s when I noticed nothing else… it’s almost EXACTLY the SAME COMPLAINT… just changing the names and details on the front page.  How nice… cost saving measures at their finest.  These guys didn’t even list anything personal in relation to the pain and suffering of the individual woman.  It’s just… a nice template they used for more than likely every single case they have filed in this court.

FireShot Screen Capture #248 - 'Americas Locations I Boston Scientific' - www_bostonscientific_com_en-US_about-us_locations_americas_htmlWhich brings me to problem #2… the court itself.  The case was filed and tried in the hometown of Boston Scientific.

You did what?

That’s right… filed and tried in the hometown of Boston Scientific, Middlesex county.  Where jurors were pulled… where Boston Scientific is HEADQUARTERED… so you’re telling me it was a brilliant legal maneuver to try a case where the workforce of the company you’re suing is located?

Well… hell… I guess that’s like suing an entire town where the primary occupation of all residents is what you’re suing them about.  The odds… of getting an impartial jury… are SO NOT IN YOUR FAVOR… it has me questioning your motives.

Who exactly do you people work for anyway?  The women who are damaged and trusted your firm?  Or is there something else more sinister going on here?

Approximately 1,700 cases are filed in the hometown of Boston Scientific.  That’s right folks… if you’re one of the lucky 1,700 winners you too can be totally screwed over before even heading into court.

You guessed it… my mother is a lucky winner.

I tried to get online documents from this court to find out exactly what was going on… don’t you know it they don’t even have anything online.  Who on earth made the brilliant decision to file in a court that doesn’t even have a modern day system in such a HUGE case?  State court no less… not even federal court where it is more suited I found out recently.

Did I know about any of this before?  NO… my mother trusted her attorney to look out for her best interests.  I see how well that’s going to turn out.  She only just received a copy of her contract a week ago upon requesting it.  The sad fact is… everything was going to hell around here when she signed up with these guys and she wasn’t in the right head space to really read and take everything in.  GO FIGURE… mesh ripping into her insides and piercing non-stop pain down her leg from the mesh destroying her ability to walk… was just a little distracting.

FireShot Screen Capture #250 - 'Joseph F_ Rice I Attorney Profiles I Motley Rice Law Firm' - www_motleyrice_com_attorneys_view_joseph-f-riceSo Motley Rice… get your shit together.  Fix this royal cockup of a mess… before proceeding any further.  Transfer the cases to an impartial setting for a fair trial… after all… it’s the VERY LEAST you can do for your clients!




  1. Thank you! You guys have become my go to place for information!! You have the best interest for all women not just j&j mesh injuried! Thank you again!

  2. Something most definitely was not right, and I agree, for women with mesh that boston scientific is responsible for life time damage, have been done wrong, and not 1 case should be lost. who did this to women damaged by mesh to send their cases to the home state of boston scientific, to be put through further suffering, and no justice. Another case is going on now, same court but different attorneys, lets see what happens. THESE CASES NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN HEARD IN THAT STATE OR CLOSE TO TOWNS AND CITIES OF BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, . WOMEN DESERVE TO KNOW WHY THEIR CASES WERE SENT THERE. and the truth. THANKS KIM

  3. I have been going through this mess for 9 years. I have tried to talk with these people and they act as though they dont want to talk with me. All i want is know what is happening. They will not let me know anything about what is taking place. I had to have surgery to have the removed and they could not get it all. These people act as though they do not care but if it were them they would. Please motley rice let your clients know what is going on in court. We have put our trust in you

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