Prescription for Death

I keep seeing people who pop prescription pills like candy… take a couple of supplements and say, “they don’t work” and go right back to higher strength pain pills.  You have two choices… kill yourself with prescriptions… or research and use supplements correctly.

Most people have NO IDEA how to take supplements.  They don’t come with a doctor telling you how many to take and on what frequency.  The vast majority of doctors don’t even know how they work.  The truth is… it’s a lot of trial and error and paying very close attention to your body in addition to researching potential reactions and making sure none of the prescriptions you’re taking will conflict.  That is why no one will tell you how to use them.

When I had my reaction to Cipro… I spent hundreds of hours researching.  It paid off.  I’m not wheelchair bound… I’m not in any pain anymore.  If you want the reward… you’ve got to spend that time too.  It’s also NOT cheap… you’ll have to spend a fair amount on trial & error… and no insurance will be covering it.  This is the cost of your health… you determine if you’re worth it.

The government has recently started cracking down heavily on prescription drugs and pain management clinics.  Some people feel like they are being victimized by this.  Do you have any idea WHY they are doing it?  It’s not just about kicking you off pills… it’s about an epidemic of abuse in America that has come to the point where prescription drug deaths are now the #1 cause of all deaths in this country surpassing illegal drugs.  Your children and teenagers are now taking prescription pills at younger ages and starting down this road… in part due to the medicine cabinet in your own home.  Children watch their parents… if it is socially acceptable to just “pop a pill” and fix it… they will do exactly what you do.  This develops Generation druG (Gen G).  Is this what you want for your children’s future?  Overdoses and early death?

Stop and think about what you’re doing… pain is manageable with the right quantities of either supplements, prescription pills or a combination of both.  The trick is finding the right combination for you.  You also have to know that if one pill is not working… you do NOT up the dose over and over or add 20 more pills to it.  This is how addicts are born.  If you’ve done this… you now have a higher chance of death from overdose than a heroin addict.


I can’t advise you on a perfect supplement list for help with mesh.  What I can tell you is personal experience from Cipro… which a lot of you have taken and don’t realize the dangers with fluoroquinolone antibiotics.  Cipro now has a black box warning… in fact that ruling went into effect a few months before I took it.  Here’s the shitty side they don’t tell you… any generic version of Cipro will NOT have that warning.  I still have the original papers that came with mine.  There was no warning.  The truth is there is a long list of side effects… that most drugs have attached… and you just hope you will experience no reactions.

Pain 101

Pain is the body’s mechanism for telling you there is something wrong.  In the case of mesh this can include scar tissue and infection.  Antibiotics are chosen to combat infection… take too many types and you will wind up resistant to any help they can give you.  Painkillers are often prescribed at the same time.  This is to ease any discomfort you feel while the infection is being fought by antibiotics.  The problem is many painkillers will actually hinder the antibiotics and not help your body rid the infection by working against them.  So when people take painkillers to kill the pain… they often don’t notice if the antibiotics or anything else to combat the true source of the problem is working.  This includes supplements.  If you’re on painkillers… many supplements will war with them instead of the infection.  The pain continues… because the source of the problem is not resolved.

People only understand pain… so if they continue having pain they continue taking painkillers.  This creates a cycle of abuse… because if people don’t see an instant result… they just keep popping pills.  If you feel like you can go shovel snow, throw hay bales around, run like an athlete or fly off buildings with a single bound while on them… try it without a painkiller and you’ll know if you should do any of those things or not.

A lot of prescription pills give people a false sense of confidence.  They seem to work immediately.  Maybe they do for a single infection.  It’s not the painkiller giving you results… it’s the antibiotic taking away the infection.  Don’t confuse the two.

When people continue on a cycle of abusing prescription painkillers the infection rages on… and often becomes completely resist to any known antibiotic.  Surgery is then the only option left to remove it.  This is why you’re now on the merry-go-round of doctors-hospitals-no known cure.

Until the mesh is out… infections will continue.

Supplements for Nerve & Muscle Pain Relief

So what can you do instead?  Nature has given you everything you need… in supplements.  You’ll just need a few hundred hours and a few years to figure them all out.  Thankfully you don’t need too many to study since most of that work has been done by many other people and they give out their experiences online.  You’ll just have to invest in a few and figure out the combination that works for you.

I know firsthand how these work… because I’ve been there with nerve pain.  I’ve said this before… NOTHING touches nerve pain.  You might think your prescription drugs are doing it… but they just numb it down for a while.  The only true thing that will “cure” you… is supplements over time by combating the source of the pain.  You can thank the diabetics for figuring out which of them actually work and without side effects.

benfotBenfotiamine (a specific form of B1)… Used for decades in Europe as a prescription medication, benfotiamine stops the progression of diabetic nerve, kidney, and retinal damage, and relieves the painful symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. This too works for any nerve pain by reducing inflammation.  You’ll need 300-600 mg per day.  Swanson Vitamins is where I get mine.

methyl b12Methyl B-12 (Methylcobalamin)… Do NOT confuse this for any store bought B-12.  It’s absolutely 100% NOT the same thing. Methyl-B12 promotes regeneration of degenerating nerve terminals.  You’ll need at least 5mg per day.  Swanson Vitamins is where I buy mine.

r-lipoicR-Lipoic Acid…  R-ALA is the only antioxidant that has the unique ability to regenerate itself and other antioxidants such as B vitamins. Many studies, doctors and researchers have shown R-ALA to be up to 12 times as effective as the cheaper S-ALA found in most common Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements.  You will NOT find R-Lipoic in stores… only special vitamin shops and online. R-ALA also has a specific effect on nerves which eases the burning, pain, and numbness associated with neuropathy. It promotes better blood flow and oxygen to the nerves. Sometimes referred to as “super antioxidant,” R-ALA can regenerate other antioxidants (e.g., B vitamins), combating free radicals which are a primary cause of nerve damage.  Piping Rock has the most affordable best brand.  300-600mg per day until you have the pain under control then reduce to 100-300 per day.

magMagnesium… The amazing vitamin that is absolutely essential.  If you’ve been on prescription pills and can’t poop… this is your cure.  For any nerve or muscle pain… you simply HAVE to add more magnesium.  You can either buy the store bought kind for constipation (the reason this works to empty bowels so well is because it’s not very well absorbed by your body) or you can take it up a notch and work on the source of your pain and purchase a better absorbed version with less trips to the bathroom.  Chelated Magnesium.  The best of which I have found at Swanson Vitamins… less milligrams and more effective.  Chelated Magnesium… you’ll need 500-1000mg a day.  This version… you’ll take half that.

None of the supplements listed here should have any side effects.  If you’re taking prescription pills… be sure to research everything before to see if there will be conflicts.  The simple truth is… if you’re on prescription painkillers… supplements may not help you.  Again… this is because the job of supplements is to help your body help itself.  If the body is at war with painkillers, cigarettes or alcohol… supplements simply won’t be as effective while taking these substances.

For more information on how diabetics have been combating neuropathy (nerve pain) you can read one site with a lot of information. 

If you’ve taken Cipro or other Fluoroquinolines… you’ll want to know what supplements you should NOT take too… there are a few that will simply flare your pain higher instead of helping.  They include:

Fish Oil or Omega-3 Fatty Acids… For some reason Cipro interferes with joints, nerves and muscles.  What a normal person can take and it benefits them… some of that will work opposite now.  I’ve had bad reactions every single time I’ve tried either Fish Oil or Omega-3 supplements.  Even a few years after the reaction… I still can’t take them without another round of pain and relapse.  Once I stop… all the pain and symptoms go away.

AVOID Flouride.  This is one thing you’re going to have to pay special attention to.  If you live in a city… you need to install a filter at the point of your drinking water, whether that be from the tap (whole house) or under the sink or refrigerator (if that’s the only place you drink water).  The water is going to be the highest source of fluoride you’ll be avoiding.  You can take it a step further and avoid toothpaste with fluoride added if you want.  The water however… will be challenging when you eat out… and while you’re not well you may be best to simply eat and drink at home during this time (after you’re through all this and are doing good you can go out again).  Remember… ice cubes and anything you eat prepared with water count including pasta.

Now… what can you do about the very things causing your issues?  If antibiotics have stopped working… you may want to try something else.  I’ll cover that another day.

Stay well… and reduce or eliminate your prescription pills.

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