Questions Remain

Questions that remain…

Why does TVT-No have such a hard time providing proper documentation when asked?  Individuals who have asked professionally for documentation to the IRS have been shunned and dismissed from their groups.  After a week online presenting facts found from all over the web… Teresa Sawyer finally placed this online:
sawyerresponse tvtnostatement

After reading this I wondered why the forms were not provided and a proper breakdown done for the Annual Report.  This is just a quick summary put together with very little experience in paperwork.  The proper information to include in an Annual Report and dismiss all doubt would have been:
Income: Total Sponsorships & Solicitations (Breakdown of xxx from Nexis Legal Cash, Drugwatch, Funding for Lawsuits, anyone else), Donations from Individuals, Donations from Companies, Promotional Items Sold to raise funds, Fundraisers done (with breakdown of each one)
Expenditures: Donations to Women (Breakdown Utility Bills Paid, Hotel Bills Paid, Gift Cards, Straight Cash, anything else), Clerical Expenses (you broke that down nicely), Promotional Items to be resold (that would the bracelets and such), Fundraisers done (any expenses associated with them)

Why does TVT-No feel loan companies are a good sponsorship for a nonprofit with injured women?  I understand it is hard to find companies who will sponsor your organization.  It is a sad fact that the companies who come forward first often do not have the organizations best interests at heart.  When running a nonprofit… it is in your best interest to legitimize your business and choose carefully from sponsors that you endorse.  Loan companies tell the world you may have a different motive other than assisting women with their financial problems.  It is not a good fit for a nonprofit business who is donating to women to have not one but two loan companies taking money from women.  Loan companies that sponsor TVT-No include:  Funding for Lawsuits, Nexis Legal Cash, Alpha Legal Funding.

Why does TVT-No allow loan companies to infiltrate their closed support group?  If David Sawyer does not endorse loan companies… then why did he take it to the next level and allow them on this closed support group for women.  It was only after a short time had passed one woman became suspicious… and started researching a new woman who had joined the group named Jelena Spajic.  Turns out she was a part of a legal lending company.  Once the cat was out of the bag… David addressed the group… but what he didn’t mention was how this woman and his sponsors tied together.  Perhaps you remember this company from their sponsor page?

jelena Spajic association with tvtnoFireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'LAWSUIT FUNDING COMPANY, FUNDING FOR LAWSUITS, OFFERS HOLIDAY LAWSUIT CASH ADVANCE I Funding for Lawsuits I Pre-settlement Funding, Cash Settlements,_' - www_f

Why does David Sawyer verbally abuse the very women he claims to help?  In a medical crisis… it can get to you.  Stress from bills, family, the illness all mount up.  However, when you run an organization it is SEPARATE from your personal life.  You have to be able to be professional and respectful in your business.  While a nonprofit begins with good intentions… it is still a business and you must hold to the same standards of a business.  This applies to all avenues of the business… including any support groups you start.  Information has been provided by several individuals who have come forward with their experiences from asking questions of the Sawyers.  It goes on behind closed groups, women are blocked, banned, discredited, demeaned, belittled and ostracized when asking questions or are in disagreement from the group.  I would suggest David Sawyer try a less controlling approach with his nonprofit and separate personal from business feelings.

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