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How do you find this stuff out? I’ve been asked that. Well… bad relationships have made me an excellent researcher. Now I’m going to teach everyone else some of the magic tricks in my bag. You TOO can find out stuff on the net… maybe not everything, but enough to have you asking more questions.

Google.  I think this says it all.  Keep typing in keywords until you stumble upon a good lead.

Whois?  Every single website on the net has an owner. Someone who registered that site. It’s free to look it up. You can look up anyone, even me. It starts with a question… Who Is? The whois database system contains everyone with a website. It became so popular to look people up they implemented a new idea… privacy. I have it too… but it doesn’t hide everything. You can follow the breadcrumbs and piece together the puzzle if you study every little detail. It’s what I do. You can too.  I’m not telling you anything that isn’t already public knowledge… it’s just something most people don’t know about. This is just one site of many that offer a lookup service to the database.

Corporation Wiki.  An excellent tool for finding out some information about a company and the individuals connected to it.

Citizen Audit.  A great tool for researching nonprofits and their documentation.

Open Corporates.  Who owns a company?  What are the officers of a company?  You’ll find all those answers here.

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