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The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured

smurfcryI’m sure anyone who has seen smurf has figured out she’s clinically insane by now (at the very least… bipolar).  If you haven’t… perhaps you should see the things she likes to post about herself… and remember… my website says it stays on the internet FOREVER… no contacting Facebook to have things removed… because censorship is not available here… especially when it’s already been posted PUBLICLY by her all over the internet.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #456 - 'The Mesh Warrior' - www_facebook_com_themeshwarrior__fref=tsSmurf… the “Mesh Warrior”… has her hand out for her own personal travel expenses and stock of drugs (I mean honestly no one wants to know about her bathroom habits but she has no problem being NON-mesh injured and posting about how she can’t shit).  FYI… many pharmaceutical drugs cause constipation… either STOP taking drugs (best method) or start taking 1000mg of Magnesium a day and shit bricks guaranteed.

For someone who is NOT injured… Aaron is sure throwing her name and image all over the internet.  She CRAVES fame.  Why then would she want some of her best examples of insanity taken from her very PUBLIC page removed off my public Facebook page?  This is her best work on showing the world who she is after all.  I suppose commentary is not appreciated… but I’ll damn sure comment on my own webpage.

Some examples of the insanity that one bi-polar individual can spread all over the place with her own “non-profit foundation” have been chosen for their extreme wackiness and shared here.  If you’re going to send money… be sure you know who you’re sending it to instead of seeing a “foundation” and believing the lies these people spread.  I’m pretty sure Aaron needs some serious psychiatric care… but then again it might be too many drugs she’s taking instead of not enough.  I even found a “new” old blog of hers.  She likes to pick snazzy little names for herself… this one she’s thrown around a lot… even said it to us when she was here.  So let’s add multiple personality disorder to the list of her possible problems…. other names she is known by include Evelyn Oyster (I mean who the fuck is this oyster chick?), The Mesh Warrior, The Inspirational Insomniac… and who knows what else (I prefer smurf).

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #460 - 'The Inspirational Insomniac I Let your night shine_' - theinspirationalinsomniac_com_page_2“The Inspirational Insomniac”

I think this blog name wasn’t chosen with the best thought involved.  “Inspirational” is not exactly what I would call this… more like “Insane” rambling thoughts.  For goodness sake… get some damn sleep so you can make sense.  So many plagiarized quotes and pictures… I won’t even mention the freaky music list she thinks everyone should listen to.  I suppose she’ll have her own “eu-do-stink” cologne everyone should wear next year.

The Bi-Polar Connection

Many people who suffer from this disorder self-medicate.  Our friend smurf is no different.  “Clinical experience shows that almost all patients with mood and anxiety disorders have sleep disturbances either chronically or during exacerbations of their psychiatric illnesses.”  No shit.  Oh right… she can’t shit either… add that to the list of symptoms.

Other interesting aspects of Bi-Polar disorder include… “Inflated ego and/or self-esteem (false beliefs in special abilities, delusions of grandeur)”…. wow… this is SMURF in one sentence.

Get help smurf.  Real… medical intervention of some sort so we can stop seeing the parade of blue-branded idiots following you and creating their own poster collection.

Mesh women… should NOT be branded as crazy… and this sort of behavior screams CRAZY.  It’s disgraceful to say the least.

Examples of an Off-Balance Mind

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #454 - 'The Mesh Warrior' - www_facebook_com_themeshwarrior__fref=tsFireShot Pro Screen Capture #455 - 'The Mesh Warrior' - www_facebook_com_themeshwarrior__fref=tsFireShot Pro Screen Capture #457 - 'The Mesh Warrior' - www_facebook_com_themeshwarrior__fref=ts

Prescription Pills (and why you shouldn’t take them)

Not only does smurf have her own pharmacy… she wants you to subscribe to it too with her “refer-a-friend” link.  Just so you know… I am NOT a fan of prescription pills… they are just as bad and in many cases far worse than illegal drugs.  At some point you’re all going to need a course of antibiotics… but it should never be a lifetime supply.  Pain management… is something you need to work on through supplements and natural remedies.  I will guarantee you those hard pain pills are doing nothing more than debilitating your life and making you paranoid, forgetful and in general a little crazy (along with causing all sorts of other illnesses your doctor can profit off).  Before you go on pain pills… ask yourself how long do you expect to be on them?  Forever is not really an option here… you have to have an end date and a plan of action for managing pain after.  Nerve pain is especially difficult… but CAN be managed if you have the right combination of supplements… which you can find on Mesh Angels.  I keep saying this over and over… because I have been there with nerve pain… NOTHING and NO PRESCRIPTION will touch that pain except for supplements… and it takes 4-6 weeks to start seeing results.  Suck it up and go through the process… you can do it.  Otherwise you’ll likely be on decline and experience early dementia or Alzheimers with the continued lifetime pain pill supply you’re on.  GET OFF DRUGS.

As for smurf… there’s simply no fucking excuse to be on any pills other than bi-polar medication.  She is NOT mesh injured.  Hypothyroid?  No.  Hypochondriac?  YES.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #453 - 'The Mesh Warrior' - www_facebook_com_themeshwarrior__fref=ts

The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured

Personally I wouldn’t give a shit about smurf if it wasn’t for how bad (crazy… seriously crazy) she is making mesh women look.  It’s insulting… and demeaning when she asks for donations.  It’s also disgusting that she can’t tell you where any money that comes into her little “foundation” goes.  Not a single financial report on the net.

As of today… there is NO financial report available for public viewing on her foundation’s assets or expenses.  This basically means there is no telling what money she is bringing in or spending and on what.  NO accountability… and considering her husband is the treasurer of the cash… not a surprise.

Considering she has some heavy-hitter sponsors including two major law firms… it leaves us wondering how much money is being made and exactly where all that money is going (besides the blue makeup & photo sessions)… because it sure as hell isn’t benefiting mesh women at all.

Where is the money smurf?

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