Stairway to Heaven?

So I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m not reporting on the craziest of crazies these days.  Well… there is life outside mesh believe it or not.  The house would cave in if I didn’t take some time for repairs and such.  I’m just flat out tired at the end of the day and aimlessly scrolling through Facebook like many other people.

Then… something is relayed to me that is simply beyond ignoring and scrolling.  Sadly.

No… we’re not talking about smurf (sigh… I know you have to have your daily dose of blue wacko but she’s been busy “learning” at a seminar you all paid for these days… or her “sponsors” paid for).

Instead… I scan through the open groups… and find this crazy post.  I’ve been watching crazy posts from this woman for a few months.  I prefer to ignore crazy people… but you know… then they just crank that crazy up to the NEXT level of truly mental… and I can’t ignore it anymore.

Before I give you my thoughts… a little history so I don’t leave anything out in the interest of disclaimers.  Polly was in my friends list… for a very short time.  At that point in time I was adding some new people… and pretty much took out the trash of the insane ones from that time not long after adding them.  Hey… we’re all human.  You don’t recognize truly crazy until you get to see their posts.  I even talked to her on the phone… which in all honesty I hate phones… because damned if the ones that just HAVE to talk to you aren’t THE craziest bitches on the planet.  Polly… HAD to talk to me for some weird reason.  I had no interest but you know I’m polite and stupid at times so I called when she said she HAD to talk to me.  Mom had already talked to her and said she was injured so no problem right?  WRONG.

My wacko radar went up on the “HAD” to talk to me thing… then it really went up when she started talking pretty much nonstop.  I can’t remember most of it… suffice it to say I hit the mental “shred” button and phased out.  What did stick in my mind was sitting there trying to figure out a way to politely get off the phone with this woman… who was wasting my time… when she finally took a breath and decided to end the conversation like this, “I need to go wash my feet.”  I’m sorry… what the fuck is that about?  Is that a normal way of saying, “nice talking to you gotta go?”

Off the wall… is putting it mildly.

I hoped I would just shit can this entire half hour of my life and not look back.  Yes… I have seen the wacko posts on public groups she has made and the even more insane video wearing sunglasses at night.  Top that off with the latest Powerpoint video display and you have… a really deranged woman.

OK… so let me just flat out say… if you’re on a shitload of drugs… you’re definitely GOING to look and act CRAZY.  It’s the only half-ass excuse I can possibly give you for this insane behavior.  Everything from making posters of J&J founder behind bars (akin to drawing horns on people you hate) and public outbursts of “killing people” (meaning J&J is killing women).  You wonder why people think all mesh women are crazy?  It only takes ONE to appeal to the public perception that ALL of you are nuts… and that’s where smurf has made the top of the list (and she’s not even injured)… now… you have Polly.

Who has suddenly decided to take it to the next level and offer all mesh people money… and a new foundation that will be nationwide.  Oh shit.  It’s hit the fan…. and it’s not pretty.

You ever hear that old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true?”  That saying has withstood the ravages of time to remain absolutely TRUE… because people don’t change much.  NOTHING in this world is free.  NOTHING in this world is without HARD WORK.  Mesh is no different… it’s hard damn work and takes a lot of your own money to obtain what health you can after the damage is done.  My mom writes a blog to help women… and yes it’s free information… because information doesn’t cost anything to give.  She can’t hold your hand and offer you a wad of cash and a magic wand to make the pain go away.  What she does do… is give you information to help yourself.  That’s as much as any injured woman can do for another.

Polly… as much as I’d love to believe there is some billionaire out there with a bottomless wallet to repair all the damage of mesh done to women everywhere… it’s just NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

What caused me to see red flags?  Well… there’s this post:

FireShot Screen Capture #296 - '(19) Mesh Problems' - www_facebook_com_groups_meshproblems

Now… There’s a LOT of red flags here.  Either for seeing a giant ripoff or a person who needs a mental evaluation… it’s about the same.

#1  “Foundation”…. –sigh– really?

#2  “bypass congress”…. like Congress gives a crap about any of this insanity.

#3  “Nationwide Foundation”…. it should go without saying that anything of this magnitude is simply NOT feasible.

#4  “already figured out how to KEEP A CONSTANT STREAM OF MONEY going into it”…. if you’re not seeing bars for all those who participate in limitless cash schemes… maybe you should see your hand holding a wade of cash outside a car and flying 100 mph down the road instead.

#5  “mesh injured woman is the best CANDIDATE for this”…. oh damn… it’s sounding like the lottery already… or better yet maybe you’re running for congress instead?

#6  “no one will fully control monies from the project”…. I would hope not considering it’s constant stream of money.

#7  “checks can’t be written without 2 signatures and being notarized”…. I might be missing something… I have never in my life seen a check notarized by a bank official.  Not that I’ve never seen damn near every type of check they make… cashiers included.  It’s just funky at best.

#8  “one or two people with a bug up their butt”…. HELLO… I think I feel a crawling sensation as I read this.  I’m sure you know EXACTLY who I am… and no I don’t care.  No… I don’t want to destroy anything good for anyone… but this smells with unlimited cash and lavish claims.

#9  “through much prayer, this idea has come to me”…. you have GOT to be kidding me?  You have an unlimited access to cash through GOD?  I didn’t know this existed… hell sign me up.

Look… Polly from what I know has lost her home in a very nasty divorce.  Bad situation… and medical problems still.  Same sad story many many of you know well… because it’s YOUR story too.  This is not unique.  It’s sad… and terrible… but it does not scream “foundation” to come from any of it either.  God only helps those who help themselves… and I’m sure you know sitting there is not helping your situation… but neither is jumping on the promised land train either.

I was actually shocked how many women said “sign me up” without asking for specifics or any details.  Volunteers in many many states… did NONE of you ask WTF is this about and how exactly are you planning on obtaining funds for this when you can’t even keep your own home?  In the comments there’s this:

FireShot Screen Capture #297 - '(19) Mesh Problems' - www_facebook_com_groups_meshproblems

I would like to know the “plan” GOD has showed you… before any women pipe up with their support.  It’s simply unfair and idiotic to take advantage of desperate injured women like this.

FireShot Screen Capture #299 - '(19) Mesh Problems' - www_facebook_com_groups_meshproblems

–sigh– what can I say?  “the goal is to get you all a paycheck for participation?”  Really?  “big fish already reeled in”… maybe but I’m betting after a visit to the local fish market the fumes were simply going to her head.  There is nothing in the realm of reality here… it’s delusional at best.  Folks… delusions and fantasy do come from mixing drugs… for GOD’s sake please talk to your doctor and get off some of these pills.

FireShot Screen Capture #300 - '(19) Mesh Problems' - www_facebook_com_groups_meshproblems

Sidenote?  Side… note?  Are you shitting me?  Where the hell is this supposed money coming from?

Ok… maybe you still need convincing this woman has fallen off the rails.  Sometimes… you need to see who people run with… because crazy bitches run in packs.  Halina Myers… yep… best friend apparently.  Danyelle Robinson… another one who has delusions of a grand past (reporter?  Seriously?… of some rinky-dink leaflet how long ago?).  Janis Urban… yep… another angry woman making you all look sane (insane… sarcasm).

People… money isn’t growing on trees… unless you own a money tree in which case money should find you (although I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one either).

If it sounds too good to be true… make them PROVE IT before you get all excited and sign up for the glory express.



  1. Very entertaining critique. Original post is another cry for help disguised as a narcissistic rant. I’m guessing hypo-manic bi-polar. P, ooh girl, step away from the fatty.

  2. I just read her gofundme post. With all the things she has wrong with her I’m surprised she could even create the account and do the video. If I had all of that wrong with me I wouldn’t be able to function.

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