Tiers of Rage

I’m sure when every woman entered into a lawsuit and was told it would be treated as an “individual case” that’s what she expected.  What a shock to receive a letter stating you have a settlement offer… but are in a “group tier” of women for a certain amount.  I guess that’s what happens when you decide to “unify” on Facebook.  The lawyers decide to group you together.  I don’t know what the fuck these lawyers were thinking when they put this pack of crap together… but it certainly wasn’t going to end well.  Women all over are turning down these offers as the slap in the face they are.  Sadly… this wasn’t completely unexpected.

meshlawsuitwinnersA while back rumors started circulating that some of the companies were negotiating for settlements in a tier system.  Basically they take what they think you’re worth and you’re placed on the pyramid scheme where they think you belong.  If they took into account how women actually feel about their surgeries however… they would have placed them all on the highest tier.

The trouble began when all these lawsuits started hitting the commercials.  A lot of women who were recently implanted with absolutely NO symptoms decided to sign up for a lottery win of cash just because they could.  That damaged other women’s cases who were legitimately injured.  Women like Estelle Tasz… Jane’s poster child from a couple years back… who was not really injured and signed up anyway hurt other women.  For new women injured and on groups… you don’t know the half of this mess and why I actively despise the likes of Jane and her minions.  Way back when Estelle popped up… she played the victim role well.  She was endorsed and pushed by Jane to my mother… who felt sorry on the phone for yet another injured woman (or so she thought).  There were warning signs that started popping up shortly thereafter and long story short (you can search my site for ET) Estelle turned out to be quite the con artist with her latest exploits appearing in court on a very different matter than mesh as defendant.

Jane’s involvement in the Estelle fiasco has been largely forgotten… and completely unknown about for new women who think my writing is just about going after women in gangs (oops… groups on Facebook).

This particular incident along with many, many others Jane has been actively involved with and in fact has led as Instigator Editor … has made the mesh world a very negative disturbing place where subterfuge and games are rampant in an effort to make money.   Many of the self-proclaimed “leaders” of the groups on Facebook are Chief Troublemakers for Jane Akre.  This includes “MAM (Mesh Awareness Movement)” that took the place of Jane’s derailed attempt at gathering names and information for the lawyers with Corporate Action Network a couple years back.  She had to come up with something new… something completely underhanded and not so polished as full-blown websites “Mesh Survivors” and “Johnson & Johnson Hurts Women”.  Enter… the MAM group.  Sadly her theory that women can be brainwashed into believing a little group is not a part of her has been correct and many have flocked to MAM as some sort of grassroots effort among injured women.  In point of fact it’s NOT… and has an agenda few realize.

MAM is all about the courthouse rallies and Friday night twitter campaigns.  Everything is geared towards roasting ONE company… you guessed it… Johnson & Johnson.  The very same company Jane has made it a mission to go after from the beginning.  Once again every single “rally” is rotating around the J&J universe and the Ethicon-only trials.  This has nothing to do with mesh.  If it was… there would be no company name and instead a focus made on the material.  In the end it’s all the same material… BRAND DOESN’T MATTER!

However… brand matters very much for Jane.  In addition to brand Jane has her very high salary from advertisements on her site from lawyers and doctors.  The way this is done… is actively endorsing these doctors and telling women to go to them through deceptively writing articles to lead women that direction.  In addition there are “life care plans” she pushes through another doc/lawyer combo to tell women they can “get more money” if they sign up with this additional service.  Nothing could be further from the truth… as no matter how many forms you fill out and papers you produce… you’re still on that tier system of how many surgeries and how old are you determining your monetary worth.  Basically if you’re older they are simply waiting for you die so the cases will go away along with any settlement.

THIS is what has caused such a division in mesh world.  Not me… not my mom… Jane and her methods to place key women in groups to control other women.  To push HER agenda… and do what she wants to meet her end goals.  These are anything but support groups (led by the same women over and over again in different groups)… these are flat out gangs on Facebook and anyone including me who opposes them is a target to go after and throw words at such as “bully”.  Anyone giving information about the true doctors (less than a handful) that can remove mesh and trying to tell women about them is a target.  If you don’t agree with everything they say… you’re banned and it doesn’t stop there.  These women will go after you on Facebook through private message and on their groups… telling the world you might be a “plant for the manufacturer” when in fact the very one’s spreading these lies are already hooked up with Jane Akre and steering everything her way.

Women are SICK to death of the gangs of Facebook.  Smart women stay off the groups… because they know the insanity that goes on there should stay there and out of their lives.  In the end the circus of group therapy does nothing to help injured women… and in fact is hurting the cases already in court.  There’s nothing worse than people who are not injured thinking all mesh women are nuts… and this is what is happening through the groups.

Say NO to Jane… and say NO to gang warfare in the guise of groups.

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  1. Many women are still under the illusion that Jane Akre is helping women. Sadly the truth is far different. She is helping herself.

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