TVT- Ohhh O!  David and Theresa Sawyer are the founders of this nonprofit business. All is not what it seems.  Even legitimately registered non-profit organizations can have their hidden agendas.  David Sawyer has understandably had financial trouble, it did escalate to non-payment of child support and a Class 5 Misdeameanor.  Theresa Sawyer can’t seem to get her facts straight.  Even with the evidence presented here, questions remain.

Why was TVT-No! founded?
TVT-No! was founded May 2012.  According to the Sawyers, “David’s campaign to help mesh sufferers began in 2010 when his wife Teresa began suffering from the results of the implantation of the defective Gynecare TVT-O.”
TVT-No’s David Sawyer Speaks Out Worldwide on Risks of TVT Mesh

Was MeSH the reason they lost everything?
According to the Sawyers, the reason they have lost almost everything is because of the mesh causing Teresa to fall ill, so she can no longer work… Well, according to the Ottawa County Court Records, their financial burden began before mesh.  These judgement liens are all filed against Teresa Sawyer of Sawyers Handyman Services by the Bureau Of Workers Compensation in 2009.

When did Teresa Sawyer have mesh implanted?
So many inconsistencies….

February 2014 at the Johnson & Johnson Shareholders Meeting, Teresa says:  “Good morning,  I am Teresa Sawyer and I have traveled from Ohio to be here.  Mr. Gorsky you hurt me.  Shareholders, by keeping mesh on the market you are hurting women.  I had mesh put in me in 2011, I had a small bladder leak due to weak pelvic floor from having huge babies. I assumed it would be safe and effective because my doctor assured me it was the “gold standard” safe and effective. The doctor said I would be very happy with the product. It didn’t take very long for the tvt to come out of me and I began having massive infections. I had puss pouring out of my vagina and pain that as totally unmanageable.   I began developing unbelievable auto immune conditions that nobody could understand. It was finally and RA doctor that told me while I was crying in the fetal position begging him “help me or let me die” that said “I can’t do anything until you get the mesh out of you”.  I had four removal surgeries where was sliced and diced and painfully and ill fully tried to recover from. The mesh stole my sex life and I was a newlywed, this damaged my marriage but not destroyed it.   I finally found a doctor that did a safer removal and I am starting to be on the mend. I am now standing up for women internationally, women that have written letters that I wish to hand to you personally telling you how you have hurt them.
My question now is why did you destroy the documents? Where are they? What was in them? Women are dying Does it list the chemicals that is making our ladies so ill? If we can learn what chemicals are in the mesh maybe we can find an antidote? Women don’t have small simple procedures and become deathly ill with Lupus. RA. Diabetes and many other conditions.  We have the proof that it is making us ill! My question is are you willing to right your wrong and give us the answers we need to allow us to get better? We need answers to survive. We need truth.  Thank you”

July 24,2013 On the Radio Teresa says she was implanted with mesh in 2010.
Survivor Condemns Mesh as “Genocide on Women”

Feb 8, 2013 Teresa says in 3 years (which would be 2010), she has had four surgeries.
Website Provides Support for Victims of Transvaginal Mesh

November 21, 2012 David again states that Teresa had implantation in 2010.
TVT-No The Ignored Murder & Rape of Women

May 31, 2012 Teresa had mesh implant in Feb 2010.  It also says Teresa has had four partial removal surgeries.
David & Teresa Sawyer Establish Patient Advocacy Group

April 30, 2012 This is a video where the Sawyers say that Teresa has had four surgeries since implant.
America Now Routine Surgery Dangerous for Women

April 15, 2012 Teresa had mesh implanted in February 2011 and has had five removal surgeries since.
Curtis Woman Warns Others Not to Get Surgical Mesh Implants

December 25, 2011 Teresa had mesh implanted in beginning of 2011 and five removal surgeries in 2011 alone.
David Sawyer on Caring After a Medical Device Nightmare

December 8, 2011 Teresa has had four surgeries to remove mesh.
Media Update on David & Teresa Sawyer

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