United in Madness

I see so many people in groups say “we need to be united”… well maybe you need to reassess that.

The truth is there is always adversity in life.  It starts in school and continues our entire lives.  There is no perfect planet where everyone holds hands and there are no wars.  So then too why should the world of mesh be any different?  You take people from all over the place living different lives in different areas with different beliefs… put them all in a cage we call Facebook and expect them to get along?  You’re living in a dream world if you see that working out well.

What you have in this world is some want to just share knowledge and help others… those are the good kind.  Then there’s the masquerade of others who want to project that image to the world… but have underlying motives for their actions.  Usually in the form of control and/or financial gain.  The rest… are just seeking answers to recover their lives.  They don’t have many choices… they look at these factions and simply think they should get along.  People who want power… and people who simply want to share knowledge… will NEVER get along.  It’s that simple.

I don’t seek power… I just write about all the nonsense going on in the mesh world… things that are wrong and also things that cast mesh women in a crazy light to the outside world.  Do you want uninjured people who have no idea what you’re going through to think you’re all nuts?  Of course not.  But… in groups this tends to happen more than any other place as the melting pot of power mad people and those who are addicted to something surface.

My mom on the other hand… shares knowledge.  She has no interest in making money off women… lawyers… or anyone else.  Her reward is helping women with knowledge so they can make a decision for themselves and decide on their own course of action to wellness from mesh.  There are many times I want her to walk away from all of it due to the insanity of a few women who have been hell bent on destroying her website and taking that knowledge from all of you.  However… I know how important this is to her… so instead I write about what’s going on so others will know how bad some people are acting.

To the outside world… to people uninjured by mesh… looking like a perfectly made up barbie doll says you have no problems… mesh is a cake walk apparently that you recover from and just get back to your size 2 life working out everyday and lounging by the pool.

On the other hand… there’s a darker image… people who are so much in pain they want to give you the gore factor.  Steven King is not selling a novel here… but from the looks of it that’s what you’re projecting by the artwork I’ve seen and strange walls of victims.

So what do people in the normal world think of mesh women?  You need to ask yourself that.  Take a damn poll if you need to… because the normal world honestly sees this as a commercial where just a few people are bitching so they can make a million bucks in a lawsuit.  That’s the truth of what they see… especially with all this focus on trials and people wanting to become celebrities from their image like smurf, estelle, priss and more (including Jane as the “reporter of mesh”).  It’s an absolute circus… and if you can’t step back and see this insanity for what it is… more than likely you’re a part of the show people are watching.

Drugs are driving the fuel of the madness.  Not just prescription drugs either… a lot of self-medicating people with pot and other illegal substances… mixing them all together and losing their damn minds and grip on reality doing so.  Case in point.  Priss’s friends who came to attack me for daring to post anything about her and the voice of voiceless poster campaign.  So far… I have an ex-madam (yes this woman ran an escort service… her email is out there linking to sites still)… some guy who is living on a cloud of pot preparing to overthrow the government and posing as anonymous… plus a couple of other looney tunes I can’t be bothered with.  You think this is shedding a positive light on mesh women?

If you think I’m bashing you… you’re not seeing this circus for what it is.  The reason the mesh manufacturers are continuing to profit and injure women has NOTHING to do with what I’m doing… or for that matter what insane campaigns you guys are running.  You can write a thousand letters to your government officials.  Storm all those courthouses… and guess what?  No one gives a shit.  The reason?  They have the true money and power… you’re just left with the damages.  Money is flowing from doctors to lawyers to insurance companies… and while it continues to do so… there will be more casualties of mesh.  While I’m at it I’ll just hashtag that so you’ll know it started here first since nuts like to steal and copy while they object to me.  #casualtyofmesh

Keep acting crazy… because the world keeps on spinning and people keep on with their lives while no one cares to help you.  This is why you either take the knowledge to help yourself… avoid scams and going nuts… or you can join the circus on the other side… Facebook groups are full of them thinking they are accomplishing something.

With any luck… you’ll get some or all of your health back and leave the circus behind.


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