Build Your Case

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Times, they are a changing…….. And you have to change with the times. I honestly do not know what is going to happen for the women who are injured by mesh implants in the future, nor for those who wake … Read More

Jane Akre Raises Cash

You’ve got to hand it to Jane Akre these days. She has not slowed down one bit and continues raising money by using women, without any shame of doing it. She is so shallow and has no conscience and she … Read More

My Thoughts on Boston Scientific

I have just read an article about the fact that Boston Scientific just issued new warnings about the adverse effects of pelvic mesh. It has been very hard for me to keep going at times because of all I deal … Read More

Medical Insurance Fraud

The last blog I wrote really brought it home to women that if Jane Akre wants to publicly interview and promote a doctor for money, her recommendations can do great harm. If you missed that blog, please read it first. … Read More

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