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Balance your supplements with a better lifestyle. Over seven years I had to work at staying as well as possible despite the mesh implant. Even after removal I had to try things and see what was most effective at keeping … Read More

I Need Money

When I began this blog is was because I had just began a journey through Hell on earth, all because of a mesh implant. I was seeking answers as to why I was suffering so much and my doctor did … Read More

After Surgery Care

So many women are waiting to go to UCLA for mesh removal and as the date for surgery approaches, we are overwhelmed by things we have to do at home.  Before we leave and because most of us are Moms, … Read More

Scar Tissue Formation

I just posted a three blogs about an adhesive barriers that is supposed to reduce scar tissue problems. However just like mesh, it may work on some people and cause others immune problems. There are lawsuits to do with this … Read More

Avoiding Anti-depressants

When a women go back to a doctor who implanted them with mesh, complaining about pain and suffering she is usually met with a doctor who wants to continue use it when he/she does women’s pelvic surgeries, and their reaction … Read More

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