Women constantly ask me… what doctor near me removes mesh?  Well this is very difficult question for me to answer.  I want to provide you with a list of competent doctors right outside your front door that will make you well overnight by removing the mesh.  This is NOT the case.

There are NO DOCTORS that I can recommend other than those at UCLA in California under the direction of Dr. Raz.

To understand why you have to know one thing… I receive NO MONEY at all for recommending Dr. Raz or UCLA.  I am not connected with them at all other than a former patient having my own sling removed.  That should tell you volumes.  I am not bought or paid for by any doctors, let alone the one I recommend.

My daughter asked me why I couldn’t make a list of the worst surgeons who supposedly remove mesh.  The answer is complicated.  I cannot defend a lawsuit brought upon me for defaming any doctor.  Free speech is only free when you have the most money and can win a lawsuit.  The other reason I can’t list bad surgeons is simply because there are SO MANY!  When you do what I do… you hear the worst stories.  The horror stories that you’d think would be a fictional TV show, not real life.  Many of these doctors… most of these doctors… have heavy advertising campaigns proclaiming their success with removing mesh.  Many of the doctors are charming and personable I’ve been told, they have a gift for mesmerizing women with their words and promises, none of which are true.  They are the WORST kind of doctors.  They are butchers, they are crippling and disabling women daily.  Many times these doctors will proclaim success… and leave the woman in agony and pain much worse than she began.

My wish for any woman looking to remove the mesh… do not sacrifice yourself… do whatever you have to do and get to UCLA.  They are the only doctors in the world with the translabial ultrasound that can “see” the mesh and help guide their course of action for removal surgery.  They are the only doctors in the world that I can guarantee you will not come out of the surgery and be left to die.  It’s that simple.

To contact UCLA to schedule your appointment:

This is the information for Dr. Raz and his associates.

Frank Clark Urological Center
200 UCLA Medical Plaza Suite 140
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 794-7700